Use this Agenda Meeting Template for an Efficient and Effective Meeting

The agenda meeting template is a useful tool for a good preparation of a meeting agenda. An agenda is a basis for a more effective and moreover efficient meeting if you include the following items. The downloadable agenda meeting template as well as the agenda meeting sample below will assist you.

Guidelines and tips for setting up an agenda

Start in the header with the word ‘agenda’ and the type of the meeting, location, date and start time.

Then mention the agenda items. Standard items are:

  • agenda-meeting-templateOpening/Welcome
  • Announcements and documents received
  • Approval of minutes of meeting held [date]
  • Any other business
  • Adjournment / closing

After the agenda item ‘approval of minutes of meeting held …’ put the topics for this specific meeting. Then, to make your agenda more effective, mention the person who has brought up the subject. If necessary, mention the reason of the subject, as well as the intended purpose (information, discussion or decision). With this information, the participants are better able to prepare themselves for the meeting.

At each agenda item, mention the time which is available for this topic. The chairperson of the meeting needs to take care that all subjects of the order of business are winded up within the given time.

In case the meeting takes place at an unusual location, mention the complete address, with contact details, and add a route description.

Last but not least: send, along with the order of business, the documents which need to be read for the meeting. Do this well in advance. Send the documents by e-mail (pdf) and/or by mail. This gives all participants the chance to prepare themselves, so that no time is lost during the meeting.

The above tips help you to use the agenda meeting template more successfully. But first look at the example:

Agenda meeting sample

Agenda for the steering committee meeting Tuesday July, 18 2012, from 9: 00 A.M. till 11:00 A.M., New York office

  1. Opening/Welcome (9:00 – 9:05)
  2. Announcements and documents received (9:05 – 9:20)
  3. Approval of minutes of meeting held May 12, 2012, as well as action list (9:20 – 9.35)
  4. Evaluation information program. Mr. Johnson has prepared the evaluation of this program, and asks input from the participants before publishing (9:35 – 9:45)
  5. Proposal for harmonization of the packaging. Mrs. Leeson has made a first proposal, and wants to discuss this in the meeting (9:45 – 10:15)
  6. Financial report of 2nd quarter. Mr. Mill, approval (10:15 – 10:25)
  7. Any other business (10:25 – 10:40)
  8. Adjournment(10:40 – 10:45)

Agenda meeting template

meeting-agenda-templateDownload here a free agenda meeting template. This Word document is easy to use: complete the form by adding the type of meeting and/or subjects, the date, start- and end time, location, and per agenda item the estimated times, subjects, responsible person, purpose and, if necessary, the annex. Add or delete rows by using your right mouse button. Don’t forget to save the document. Next time you can use this agenda meeting template by changing the details.

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