Check your airline luggage weight and read tips on travel bags

Air luggage weight check

Need to fly? Check your airline luggage weight limitations before you pack!

The longer your trip lasts, the more you need to carry. This might not be a problem when you travel by car. However, when you need to fly it is a good thing to consider. Don’t forget: a large suitcase doesn’t care easily.

airline_luggage_weightSo, before you pack your travel bags, it is wise to check your airline baggage regulations. You can find this information in your travel document, or of course on the Internet. For some airlines, the  website below may be of interest to you. with airline luggage weight information

When you have packed your suitcase or travel bags and you check the weight on your scales, it might be possible (it happens more to women….) that half of your planned items do not fit.

Packing tips in order to reduce your airline luggage weight

Now it’s time for some packing tips:

  • Use one color scheme for all your clothes and shoes, in such a way that you can combine your items
  • The laundry is a worldwide invention, so make use of it
  • Take small packagings of toiletry; your trip won’t last forever. Besides, these things can be bought in many places.
  • Exchange your paper books for a tablet pc
  • Scan your business documents; a usb-stick is less heavy

Above tips will help you to reduce your airline luggage weight. The most simple tip: think twice before you pack anything else than your passport and credit card.

More travel tips, such as making an itinerary, book a hotel, flight or train ticket can be found at: Trip adviser: an overview of how to organize travel. Here you can also find useful pages about organizing a credit card, travel visa, vaccinations, or world clock.

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