Aulien van Ginneken and her passion

Aulien van Ginneken

My name is Aulien van Ginneken, born in 1969 and happily married with Henk. In 1988, I started my first office job at an investment company. After one year I went to Schoevers, a famous secretarial college in the Netherlands. I enjoyed my time here very much, and experienced this education as highly interesting and valuable. I concluded this course with a successful graduation, and: a passionate, qualified secretary was born!

Several jobs followed, mostly at international companies, small and large, and each time I picked up valuable experiences which I took to the following job.



In 2004 I decided to start as a freelance secretary, and since then I work for several clients at location or from my office.

You could wonder why the profession of secretary is so interesting…. It is the combination of being the visiting card for the company; being able to handle complicated time schedules, whilst keeping overview; preventing mistakes, by reminding your manager or colleague of an appointment, deadline, of their colleague’s birthday; being a walking encyclopedia (especially when you work at one place for a longer period); being a sparring partner for your manager or colleagues, organizing interesting meetings or events, and often minute these; composing customer focused letters, e-mails, presentations, organizing business trips, etc., etc.

You can read from the above that a professional secretary needs to have a lot of competencies, and sometimes you need a lot of them at once, and that’s the challenge!

passionSo, what’s Aulien van Ginneken’s passion? Yes, the profession of secretary, and that is what I would like to share with you.

On this site you find a lot of ‘secretary-issues’ which are interesting for many people, whether you look for a new job, and want to write a good resume or cover letter, need a translation, presentation, tips for traveling, etc., etc.

One thing I realize is that the English you read, might not be exactly the English you are used to. There are differences in British English and American English for instance, and next to this, English is not my mother tongue. This explains why certain words or expressions might read different for you. I wish you a lot of pleasure reading this site, and I hope you’ll find some valuable information. In my opinion no one never stops learning, so I am open to suggestions from your side to enhance the quality of this site and share more and more with you!