Which business travel credit card should you choose?

A business travel credit card is certainly one of the things you need when you are preparing a business trip. In a lot of countries, traveling without a credit card would be very inconvenient, as you need your card for e.g. hotel, flight or rental car bookings, refueling and making phone calls.

business travel credit card

Advantages of a business travel credit card

One of the advantages of a credit card is that you don’t need to take a lot of cash money. In case of an emergency for example, a credit card can be very useful when you need to make an unexpected large purchase. Still, it’s always wise to take a bit of cash money, as in some places a credit card is not accepted. Think of some pay phones or parking meters. Another advantage a business travel credit card mostly offers, is the protection of purchases. When you have made a purchase with your credit card, and this item will be lost, stolen or damaged, the credit card company can vouch for it.

Last, but not least, a business travel credit card offers discounts from several companies, like air miles for instance. Some visa cash cards offer a free travel insurance.

Is there any disadvantage?

Yes. One of the disadvantages is the yearly charge for the card. The other, more important thing, is the fact that a lot of people spend more money than they possess. Last but not least: the interest rate on the credit cards is relatively high, so these are things which are important to take into account.

What are the best visa cards?

As each traveler has his own specific needs, the choice of a business travel card is very personal. Please find below some possibilities.

Creditcards.com compares all kinds of credit cards

Creditcardfinder.com compares the best Australian credit cards

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