Find Here Useful Career Objective Examples for Resumes

With below career objective examples for resumes you might have a better chance of getting the job you are aiming for.

Unless….. it appears from your career objective that you and your future employer do not match so well. But in that case, you could ask yourself whether you want to work for this company. One thing is important to remember when applying for a job. You know that your future employer is critical in finding a new employee. It is important that you are critical as well, as you will spend many hours at work, so it is important that the job fits your ambitions, and that you like your new colleagues as well.

career objective examples for resumes

Why these career objective examples for resumes

In order to give your future employer a better idea of what person you are, and/or what your ambitions are, you should state your career objective. Add this in your resume or in your resume cover letter. When your objective meets the demands, you will increase your chances of getting the job. Take care that you write it from your heart, as honesty is very important. In the meantime, try to think from the perspective of your future employer.

Career objective examples for resumes

After ‘work experience’ and before ‘personal interests’ (see the page How to write a resume) you can add:

Example 1: Application for executive secretary
Career objective: After having worked at several departments, with which I gained a lot of experience in the daily business of a secretary, my ambition is to work more solo, and support at a higher level of responsibility and objective examples for resumes to get a job

Example 2: Application for finance manager
Career objective: After 5 years of experience as finance assistant at several companies, and having finished the training successfully, I am ready now to fulfill a post which requires more responsibility.

Example 3: Application for office manager
Career objective: In my former jobs as a secretary I have proved to be successful in the field of correspondence, minuting, agenda management and especially organizing meetings, incentives and business trips. Mostly I worked for larger companies in teams with more secretaries. Now I aim to work for a small company, as I would like to take up the challenge of taking care of the total internal organization of a company, from facility and personnel management till marketing and public relation issues.

With the above career objective examples for resumes, you show your ambitions, and you make clear that you are motivated.
These are two good reasons for your future employer to invite you for an interview.

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