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Checking required vaccinations is certainly one step you shouldn’t skip before traveling abroad. And of course, not only checking, if necessary, taking the right action is crucial as well.

Even if you plan a stop-over in a country for one or two days, and you remain in a large city, it is wise to arrange immunization for the stopover country as well. Imagine the trouble it could cause when you catch a nasty disease, while it could have been prevented easily.

How to check required vaccinations when traveling abroad

required vaccinationsThe best thing you can do is ask your doctor to check the required vaccinations for your trip. In order to give you already a good impression, you can check the website of the World Health Organization. It is important to check the situation every time you visit another country, even if you have visited a certain country several times, as the health situation can change in time. WHO gives information on required vaccinations.

Where to get a your required vaccinations?

Ask your doctor or a travel medicine provider which vaccines are mandatory, and inquire which vaccines are recommended. Types of prophylaxes are for instance: tb vaccination, malaria vaccination, herpes vaccination, dtp vaccination or hepatitus vaccination.

International vaccination certificate

In order to enter some countries, you need to prove that you are vaccinated against yellow fever. An international certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis is a good proof. Find more information  at WHO international vaccination certificate.

Other tips for staying fit during travel

Traveling can be exhausting. For a business trip, but for a private trip as well, staying fit is important to make the most out of your trip. Take care that you drink enough clear, clean water, especially in warm countries. Take care that the food is well cooked and prevent using ice cubes in your drinks or eating lettuce which could be rinsed with tap water. In certain countries, the quality of the tap water is different from bottled water and may cause health problems.

Be careful with ice creams as well, as these may contain more microbes then you can bear.

Final tip to keep fit: take enough rest.

More about organizing travel

Arranging a vaccination is only one part of organizing a (business) trip. The trip adviser helps you to organize travel in an efficient manner.

One thing you have organized now is taking care that you or your boss will have taken the an important step in prevention of bad diseases.

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