How to combine work and vacation

No stress during your vacation about your work, and no stress during work about your vacation. Fiction or reality? This article gives you tips on how to combine work and vacation within the right balance.combine work and vacation

How to combine work and vacation?

You love your work, and you love your private life, but how to combine these during your vacation? In the past, before the era of computers and mobile phones, it was quite easy. The moment you stepped out of your office was the moment you started your vacation. Nowadays, the boundary between work and private life is much more vague, with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Combine work and vacation the way which fits you best

work an vacation for the office and home worker

When its normal for you to check your mail late in the evening, or do some (reading) work , it  will probably no problem for you to spend some working time during your vacation. But, …. most people don’t spend their holiday at their own. Therefore, its important to make clear arrangements with your travel companions, likely you family. They won’t be happy when you will be making phone calls or you having your nose in your notebook all day. When you are able to spend most time of your day with your family, and use some timing early in the morning, during the siesta or late in the evening for work, you won’t bother others. Take care that you make these arrangements beforehand, and stick to the agreement on how you combine work and vacation. A few more tips:

  • Switch your phone off during the vacation moments, and take only one moment per day or per few days to check your voice mail and incoming calls.
  • Switch off the noise or other notifications of incoming mails or other messages and only check your messages at the moment you choose.

The most important thing for yourself is that you feel relaxed during your holiday. If you feel that you can’t take enough distance from your work, take more vacation time for yourself and reduce the work moments to an absolute minimum.

Most ‘home workers’ will feel much better with this way of being on vacation.

work an vacation for the only office worker

Another type of person draws a drastic borderline between work and private life and is probably not feeling happy to do any work outside office hours and certainly not during vacation. The advice for these persons is: take care that you prepare your vacation right:

  • finish the most important tasks before your vacation
  • if possible, delegate important tasks to others
  • switch on the vacation responder in your mailbox and indicate contact information about the person who can be contacted instead
  • redirect your phone to a colleague or phone service company
  • if relevant, communicate with the people concerned about the tasks which will have to wait till after your vacation

Extra tips to combine work and vacation easier

A lot of people are completely worn out during the first days of their vacation. There is a way to prevent this in a certain way. Don’t plan appointments in the last few days prior to your vacation. This gives you the opportunity to go through the most important actions. The same counts for the first days after your vacation: don’t plan many appointments, so that you will be able to go through your incoming mail and messages.

Now you know how to combine work and vacation: I wish you a very enjoyable time!

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