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compare rental carsCompare rental cars en their prizes to be sure that you pay a competitive price. You can easily book interesting car rental deals on-line, and it is efficient as well.

Whether you need an international or national auto rental for business, private reasons, or even for honeymoon travel, it’s always best to compare the prizes. In case of last minute car rental, it’s not always possible to book the preferred type of car. Even then it’s good to compare different rental car companies, to be sure that you get value for money.

Compare rental cars

Below you can compare rental cars in a very easy and efficient way. Besides, you can book the rental car of your choice on-line.


What you need to know before you compare rental cars or book one

Even before you compare rental cars, it’s good to read the following information and tips:

  • For most companies a minimum age of 25 is required. Check this before you make a booking.
  • The name which appears on the contract is supposed to be the driver of the car. If necessary mention additional names of persons who might act as a driver of the car.
  • Before you make a reservation, consider what type of car you need. The amount of luggage, persons, the distance or personal wishes may play a part in the decision.
  • Rental cars are offered with different rates; a daily rate with a limited number of free miles per day, a rate including unlimited mileage or a rate with free mileage over an extended period. Depending on your plans, choose the rate that suits you best.
  • The longer the rental period you need, the less is the chance that your ideal car is available when you book this last minute. Advice: book as early as possible.
  • The price for your rental car depends on the extras you need, like refueling, so that you spare time upon return, or the use of a GPS, drop-off fee for delivering the car at another place than the place you have rented it. Next to this you have to take taxes, and fees into account.
  • If you rent a car in another country, it might by necessary to obtain an international drivers license.
  • Compare rental cars tipsBe sure that you take the right insurance. Even if you have a good insurance, realize that driving recklessly, driving without driving permit, or the use of alcohol or drugs will make your coverage invalid. If you have a car, driving in a rental car might be partially covered. It’s wise to check this, in order to prevent unnecessary cost. It’s wise to take a CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), or a LDW (Loss Damage waiver), which covers damage to and/or loss of the rental car, and releases you from financial responsibility, although, technically seen this is no insurance. An SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) might be necessary if you don’t have a personal liability insurance. A PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) might be part of your own car or health policy. If not it is wise to take this, as this provides a one-time payment for you and a possible accompanying passenger in case of death or injury.
  • Prior to departure, take care of a good road trip planning, including maps, etc.
  • As soon as you have completed your booking, you can update your itinerary.

Now you see that when you compare rental cars this can be quite profitable. Moreover it saves time, and that means money. Now you can tick off another part of organizing your (business) trip.

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