Using a contour pillow travel becomes much more comfortable

When using a contour pillow travel becomes much more comfortable, especially during long trips. Don’t think of only flights, what to think of train journeys, or traveling as a car passenger….
contour pillow travel
You might recognize the pain or stiffness you feel in your neck or shoulders after a long distance travel in a sitting position. As not everyone can afford a first class horizontal position in an airplane, you have to be creative to find a solution which helps you to arrive at your destination as fit as possible. Before I will tell you more about the things you can bring to travel more relaxed, there are a few other things which might help.

Moving exercise

When you scarcely move for quite some time, which might be the case during travel, your limbs will become stiff. When you feel this, it’s actually a bit too late. Therefore, you should move your limbs from time to time. This doesn’t have to look like a rock-dance.

  • Sit up straight and lift your shoulders slowly. Roll them slowly backwards, and repeat this a few times. After this you roll your shoulders forward.
  • Sit up straight and squeeze your right buttock muscle slowly, and repeat this a few times, after which you do the same with your left buttock muscle.
  • Sit up straight and roll your head very slowly from forward, to left, to backward and right. Repeat this a few times
  • If possible, which might be possible in an airplane, have a little walk.

Mind exercise

A complementary way to arrive relaxed at your destination is to put aside all the troubles in your mind, and relax. This is not easy for everyone. Half an hour or an hour after departure you could do the following exercise, which you can repeat every hour:

Relax your body, take away the tension of your shoulders, and focus on your breathing. When you do this well, you don’t think of anything else. As soon as you notice that your thoughts are elsewhere, focus again on your breathing. Try to keep this up for at least a few minutes.

Now you can think of something else. If possible think of nice plans, like the destination of your next holiday, or other pleasant thoughts. For others reading an interesting book, or just enjoying the view can be pleasant ways to relax.

Contour pillow travel: sleep and relax

Now you feel relaxed, you might fall asleep. With a contour pillow which you can buy at the airport, or by using your coat or another soft peace of garment, travel will become much better, as you wake up in a less unpleasant position. You might even feel quite rested.

More about travel

Using a contour pillow travel becomes much more comfortable, especially when you do the above exercises. This is only a small part of organizing a (business) trip. The following link will bring you to other parts at this site and help you organizing travel in an efficient manner.

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