Where a convincing presentation starts with

Recently, I saw it again: someone was giving a nice presentation, but I could hardly see the speaker. Read further to learn what a convincing presentation needs….


convincing presentationNowadays, there are great means to support your presentation. A lot of attention is paid to the preparation of a professional PowerPoint presentation (if you want to know how you do this, refer to How to make a professional and selling PowerPoint presentation).
But when the presentation starts, you see the light going off, but the spotlight remains off too… What do you see? Only a brightly lit screen, with (or without) dazzling texts, images or film, sometimes with beautiful sounds. But where is the speaker? Most of the times he/she stands there in a corner, hidden in the dark. This is not a convincing presentation at all!

The solution for a convincing presentation

Often, the speaker doesn’t realize that presentation meaPowerPoint-presentation-samplens (like a PowerPoint presentation) need to be supportive to the presentation. This means that you as a speaker need to be clearly visible and audible to the audience, and, of course, in the spotlight. Don’t forget that it is YOU and YOUR STORY where the audience comes for. A few more tips:

  • Don’t speak to fast, and also not too slow.
  • Chewing gum is, of course, not done during a presentation.
  • Take care of a good articulation, but keep it natural.
  • Test your microphone before you start.
  • Check with you audience whether they can hear you clear. If not, use a microphone.
  • Take care that you speak in the microphone all the time.
  • Humor can nice, but is certainly not necessary. Be yourself and focus on the message you want to bring across.

The most successful presentations which I’ve ever seen, are the ones with interaction. Especially in this digital era, the benefit of a live presentation is that you can make interaction with your audience. Step out of the dark and search for the spotlight.

Enjoy your success!

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