Dutch to learn? Find here all information you need

Dutch to learnIf you have Dutch to learn, for business, travel, or in case you will move to the Netherlands, or the Flanders part of Belgium, then this is the place where you can find all the information you need.

Dutch for short stay or travel

First you have to ask yourself the question what is the intention? Is it for an occasional stay, and do you only want to learn a few words? Then the page travel translation Belgium and the Netherlands will do.

Business correspondence

In case you need to write a single letter, you can find more information on translation of your business correspondence, as well as information on a dictionary Dutch English at the page English to Dutch translation.

Comprehensive training

But if you are going to stay in the the Netherlands or the Flemish part of Belgium for a longer period or when you have regular contacts with Dutch people, then you might need a more comprehensive knowledge of the Dutch language.

Note that there is a slight difference in the pronunciation of Dutch in the Netherlands or in Flemish part of Belgium. The Belgian people use more softer sounds than the Dutch people, especially the consonants. For more information, see differences between Dutch and Flemish.

In both countries the Dutch language is written the same way, although the choice of words differs slightly. The Dutch people tend to use English words for ‘new’ words, and the Flemish people translate nearly every word into their own language. Nevertheless, it is no problem to understand each other.

With the following suggestions for Dutch language training courses, you will be able to speak Dutch soon.

Dutch for ex-pats
Dutch on-line course
Learn Dutch including sound examples
Learn Dutch with Rosetta Stone

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