Dutch to speak? Tips for travel, business contacts, and much more

Dutch to speakDutch to speak? It doesn’t have to be difficult! Of course, it depends on your aim, but remember one thing: most people in the Netherlands and the Flemish part of Belgium speak their languages quite well, especially English! If you are going to spend some time in one of these lovely countries try some Dutch to speak, and the people will love it! And now comes the relieving part: as soon as they realize that you are American, or English, they will answer your questions in your own language!

So, with below tips and a dictionary Dutch, for which you will find more suggestions later on, you don’t have Dutch to learn to feel comfortable in these countries.

Dutch to speak for travel

For different stages and occasions of your travel to the Netherlands and the Flemish part of Belgium, you find some common words and sentences. Important Dutch to learn are the greetings, and other courtesy:

Courtesy Dutch translation
Hello Hallo
Good morning Goedemorgen
Good afternoon Goedemiddag
Good evening Goedenavond
Good night Goedenacht
Hi Hoi
Good morning Mr./Mrs. Pan Goedemorgen meneer/mevrouw Pan
Welcome Welkom
How are you? Hoe gaat het met u?
Very well, thank you Heel goed, dank u
Excuse me Pardon
I’m sorry Het spijt mij
That’s all right Dat geeft niets
Yes please Ja, graag
My pleasure Graag gedaan
No, thank you Nee, dank u
Could I get through, please? Mag ik even passeren?
Congratulations Gefeliciteerd
The same to you Insgelijks
Bye Tot ziens
See you soon Tot straks
All the best Het beste
Thanks Thanks
Thank you for your help Bedankt voor de hulp
Thanks for everything Bedankt voor alles
Have a safe journey Goede reis!

Dutch to speak

The next step is the first acquaintance with someone. Find here a Dutch translation of the most important sentences.

Introduction Dutch translation
May I introduce myself Mag ik mij even voorstellen?
My name is … Ik heet …
I live in Ik woon in
I come from Canada Ik kom uit Canada
What is your name? Hoe heet u?
Pleased to meet you Aangenaam kennis te maken
This is my husband/wife Dit is mijn man/vrouw
son/daughter/brother/sister zoon/dochter/broer/zus
boyfriend/girlfriend vriend/vriendin
Where are you from? Waar komt u vandaan?
Where do you live? Waar woont u?
Let me give you my address Ik zal u mijn adres geven
My address is … Mijn adres is …
May I have your address? Mag ik uw adres?
This is my telephone number Dit is mijn telefoonnummer
What is your telephone number? Wat is uw telefoonnummer?
Here is my card Hier is mijn visitekaartje
I am here on business Ik ben hier voor zaken
I am staying in … hotel Ik logeer in hotel …
Do you also speak English? Spreekt u ook Engels?
I speak Nederlands very poorly Ik spreek heel slecht Nederlands
Could you please write it down/spell it for me? Kunt u het voor mij opschrijven/spellen?

I conclude with another series of Dutch to speak. Before you say goodbye, its wise to use the Dutch translation of one of the below sentences. Your last impression just before you leave, counts!

Departure Dutch translation
I have to say goodbye now Ik moet nu afscheid nemen
I have to leave Ik moet nu vertrekken
Do drop by sometime Komt u eens bij ons langs
You are very welcome U bent van harte welkom
I hope to see you again soon Ik hoop u gauw eens terug te zien
I hope that you will come and visit me in Belgium Ik hoop dat u mij komt opzoeken in België

Dutch to speak for travel

More information

In case you want more Dutch to speak, please find below suggestions for a dictionary to Dutch and more:

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