Dutch translation: tips and examples for business correspondence

Your Dutch translation will be more professional, using the following tips and examples. You don’t need to learn Dutch in order to write a simple letter or to ask a question.

As a lot of people in the Netherlands have a good command of English, they will soon understand your message. But they like it when you surprise them with some Dutch words. This will improve your business opportunities, especially when you don’t know each other well.

Dutch translation: the business letter

Dutch translationStart your Dutch translation of a business letter with the addressee:

T.a.v. de heer en mevrouw F. ten Kate
Churchillstraat 7
The Netherlands

1st line: company name
2nd line: contac tperson or department. T.a.v. means: For the attention of. Send it to de heer (mr.) or mevrouw (all female persons). In the example both are addressed.
3rd line: streetname + number
4th line: ZIPP code (always 4 digits and 2 letters), 2 spaces + place-name
5th line: country

Leave a few spaces between the lines and continue with Place and date:

Dubberdam, 12 juli 2006

As you can see, the date annotation is: day-month-year. Choose a month: januari, februari, maart, april, mei, juni, juli, augustus, september, oktober, november, december.

Consequently, you need to mention the subject of the letter. The words below can be translated as follows: Re: Confirmation.

Betreft: Bevestiging

Now you can start the opening:

Geachte heer,
Geachte mevrouw,
Geachte heer en/of mevrouw,

Dear Sir, Dear Madam, or if you don’t know use the and/or version.

Now you start with the body text; the real message. Find more information on this below.

Conclude your letter as follows:

Met vriendelijke groet,

bollnveldnThe first one will do in nearly all occasions. Only in very formal letters, the latter one is used.

The body text of your Dutch translation depends on the situation:

Request for sample

Onlangs vernamen wij dat u [product name] verkoopt.

Indien mogelijk zouden wij graag een gratis monster ontvangen, zodat wij kunnen beoordelen of wij in de toekomst meer exemplaren bij u kunnen afnemen.

Kunt u dit sturen naar het volgende adres?

[your company details]

Bij voorbaat dank.

Recently, we learned that you sell [fill in product name] If possible, we would like to receive a free sample, in order to judge whether in future we can order more samples of this product. Could you please send this sample to the following address? [fill in your company details]. Thank you in advance.

Confirmation of appointment

Hierbij bevestigen wij de volgende afspraak:

Datum: [fill in date] Tijd: Van 09.00 tot 12.30 uur[time, from .. til ..] Plaats: [place, if necessary, address] Onderwerp: [subject, if necessary] Aanwezig: [names of the persons present]

Mocht u verhinderd zijn, kunt u dit dan tijdig aan ons laten weten?

Bij voorbaat dank.

This is to confirm the following appointment:
[fill in details] In case you are unable to attend, please inform us in time.
Thank you in advance.


sinterklaasFor specific words you can use a dictionary. Also in case you want more learn more about the Dutch language, a good dictionary English – Dutch is very helpful. One of the best you can buy is Van Dale Groot Woordenboek Engels Nederlands.

On-line Translation

If you only need a Dutch translation occasionally, an on-line translation website will be helpful.


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