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Here at feng shui home decorating you will find out how you can improve the quality of your personal life. Which quality? Think of a good health: in case you are ill, you can improve your health. Or, a good love life. Are you still looking for the perfect partner? How is the relationship with your children? Or is your marriage not what you hoped it would be? It may sound strange to you, but this could be (partially) caused by the layout or interior of your house. This is feng shui for beginners, but, in case you read further, there is every chance that you will become highly interested, and finally become an expert too!

First I will give you some general background information, in order to make you understand why certain changes in the house may matter, after which you will find some feng shui tips for at home or in the office.



When you draw a plan of your house or office, you can divide the building in 9 equal rectangles, as shown at the picture below. Each part has a meaning:

  • North: Career
  • North East: Education
  • East: family relationships and health
  • South East: wealth and prosperity
  • South: recognition and fame
  • South West: married happiness and -chances
  • West: child’s bliss
  • North West: helpful people, mentor

If your house is not rectangular, you might have a missing part. If you for example have no South West corner, it could happen that your marriage is far from perfect. This can be solved by placing a light at the ‘missing’ spot, or hanging a 3D picture at the wall.



As you can see from above, each part of the house is related to a life-subject. With the theory of the five elements you will be able to manipulate these spots. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. You can distinguish two cycles: a productive and a destructive cyle.

feng-shui-five_elements (1)

You can stimulate your favorable location by using symbols from the five element theory. In the below graph you can see which colors and symbols belong to each wind direction.


With the above basic theory, you will be able to add Feng shui home decorating symbols in your house. For instance, if you are longing for more recognition at your work, you can stimulate the South part of your house. As fire is the element, you can stimulate this by adding a blazing lamp, with for instance a red lampshade. These objects will stimulate the element fire. Don’t put blue symbols, as blue belongs to the element water, and water extinguishes fire, so this will diminish the effect.

With some creativity, it is not difficult to add symbols to your house.

As you will understand, I have just raised the corner of the veil of feng shui home decorating. There are more theories, and also about the symbols, and lay-out there is much more to tell. 

I hope you have enjoyed this page feng shui home decorating. Please find more information about feng shui for beginners on:

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