Is it your first time making minutes?

Recently, I attended a meeting in which the chairman appointed one of the participants to minute the meeting. This appeared to be the first time for this person. first time making minutesDoes this person know what to do?

Rotating tasks happen more and more. Not only with the chairman position, but for the minutes secretary as well.

To function well in a team, it is important that you know what you should do in your role.

Your first time making minutes: how to learn this new role

Minuting meetings may seem to be easy, but this isn’t always the case. You need listening as well as writing skills to minute meetings. When it is your first time making minutes, you might need some tips on where to focus at.

  • As a minutes secretary, the most important thing is listening to what is being discussed during the meeting:
    • Focus on the conclusions made during each agenda point.
    • Also the arguments which lead to a conclusion can be important.
    • Listen to the actions which are agreed.
  • Make notes of the decisions and action points, and if possible the arguments which lead to a decision.
    • Notes can be made with pen and paper or on a notepad or laptop  in case you are light-fingered.

    A good chairman repeats the conclusions at the end of each agenda point. It might not be in your case, when you rotate tasks during a meeting.

    Make use of the template and sample meeting minutes

    As this might be the first time making minutes, you might have no clue how these need to look like. Meeting-Minutes-SampleLook at this meeting minutes sample to get an idea. You can easily download this Word-file by clicking on the image.

    To make it easy for you, I have made a template for your meeting minutes, which you can easily download here:Meeting-Minutes-Template

    For a guideline on how to use the sample and templates I would like to recommend this page on how to take minutes.

    Don’t wait to long with making the minutes. 1-3 days after the meeting is best. Don’t hesitate to ask the chairman or one of the other participants questions if something is not clear.

    After making the minutes ask  the chairman read your draft minutes before you send these tot the participants.

    I wish you much confidence and good luck!

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