Free English to German translator for business travel

With free English to German translator for business travel you will be able to make a good impression on your (new) business contacts. A lot of people in Germany will understand you quite well when you approach them in English, but they will be impressed when you speak a few German words.
free English to German translator

Free English to German translator for travel

Find here some common words and sentences for different stages and occasions of your travel to Germany. Your English to German translator helps you to learn the greetings, and other courtesy.

Courtesy German translation
Hello Hallo
Good morning Guten Morgen
Good afternoon Guten Tag
Good evening Guten Abend
Good night Gute Nacht
Good morning Mr./Mrs. Pan Guten Morgen Herr/Frau Pan
Welcome Willkommen
How are you? Wie geht es Ihnen?
Very well, thank you Danke, sehr gut
Excuse me Entschuldigung
Thank you Vielen Dank
I’m sorry Es tut mir leid
That’s all right Das macht nichts
Yes please Ja, gern
My pleasure Gern geschehen
No, thank you Nein, danke
Could I get through, please? Darf ich mal vorbei?
Congratulations Herzlichen Glückwunsch
The same to you Danke, Ihnen auch
Bye auf Wiedersehen
See you soon Bis nachher
All the best Alles Gute
Thanks Danke schön
Have a safe journey Gute Reise!

free English to German translatorThe next step is the first acquaintance with someone. Find here your free English to German translator of the most important sentences.

Introduction German translation
May I introduce myself Darf ich mich kurz vorstellen?
My name is … Ich heiße …
I live in Ik wohne in
I come from Canada Ik komme aus Canada
What is your name? Wie heißen Sie?
Pleased to meet you Erfreut, Sie kennenzulernen
This is my husband/wife Das ist mein Mann / meine Frau
my son/daughter/brother/sister mein Sohn, meine Tochter
my brother/sister mein Bruder, meine Schwester
my boyfriend/girlfriend mein Freund, meine Freundin
Where are you from? Woher kommen Sie?
Where do you live? Wo wohnen Sie?
My address is … Meine Anschrift is …
May I have your address? Geben Sie mir bitte Ihre Anschrift
This is my telephone number Das ist meine Telefonnummer
What is your telephone number? Wie ist Ihre Telefoonnummer?
Here is my card Hier ist meine Karte
I am here on business Ich bin geschäftlich hier
I am staying in … hotel Ich wohne im Hotel …
Do you also speak English? Sprechen Sie auch English?
I speak German very poorly Ich spreche sehr slecht Deutsch
Could you please write it down/spell it for me? Können Sie das aufschreiben/buchstabieren?

Before you say goodbye, its wise to use the free English to German translator for one of the below sentences. Your last impression just before you leave, counts!

Departure German translation
I have to say goodbye now Ich muß mich jetzt verabschieden
I have to leave Ik muß jetzt gehen
Do drop by sometime Besuchen Sie uns doch mal
I hope to see you again soon Ich hoffe, Sie bald wiederzusehen
I hope that you will come and visit me in Germany Ich hoffe, daß Sie mich in Deutschland besuchen

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This English to German translation is of course quite basic, but very useful for your first German contacts. In case you want to know more, please find below an on-line English to German translator or free German to English translator:

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