A free feng shui tip to improve your professional and personal life

How can a free feng shui tip improve your success in business and even in your personal life?

It doesn’t necessarily need a large investment, or in many cases it doesn’t have to cost you anything at all. Sometimes it’s all a matter of some minor actions. The only things you need is an open mind, and a little, or if you wish, some more time to read further.

What is feng shui?

Feng shui originates from China, and is an ancient science, which nowadays is still being used by many people in the world in order to sustain or improve a good health, love and family life, as well as success. In many places in the world feng shui is the success principle for a business.

Your life is influenced by many factors, of which most of them you cannot see. The points of a compass, your birth date, the way the company or house is situated, the lay-out of a house, office or a room. These are some of the factors which determine your well-being, your chances in life in the field of work, love or family.

The feng shui principle

free feng shui tipThe first theories on this subject originate from the 4th Century BC. They are based on the idea that everything is energy, which means that energy is everywhere and is related to living beings and dead objects. Some of the energies are negative, and if you are near these energies, you can be influenced in a negative way, although you might not feel this directly. It manifests itself, depending on the extent of the negative influence, by feeling unhappy, ill, or having bad luck, relation problems, and so on. Fortunately their are positive energies as well, and you can create or adjust these in order to control the the negative energies.

When you apply feng shui in the right way, you can live a balanced life. Read further for a free feng shui tip and more, or if you would like to gain more in-depth knowledge about the background and principles of feng shui, I would recommend the book The Complete Illustrated Guide to Feng Shui, written by Lillian Too. Lillian devoted herself to study feng shui and learnt from her own experience how the use of feng shui made herself successful in her career as well as her private life. In the book you can read from her own experiences, and she uses a lot of examples. For example, by changing the lay-out of her new office, she became the first female managing director in her country of a company quoted on the stock exchange. For me, this book was a real eye-opener!

Free feng shui tip for your private life

Speaking from own experience: To follow up a free feng shui tip, with which you can give your life a positive twist, is habit-forming. You can start with small actions, like adding a feng shui symbol in your house or office, such as a plant, or a feng shui cristal. Soon you will see the effects after which you can add more in certain areas in your house or office, in order to improve your love- or family life, health, financial position, or success. Find more information on how you can do this at the page feng shui home decorating.

Free feng shui tip for your professional life

Feng shui is the success principle of a healthy business. The business premises’ location, the roads near the building, as well as the form of the building or the buildings near your business premises will all have influence on the extent of success. Next to this, the lay-out, and the use of colors and symbols play an important role. Find more details on this subject, as well as another free feng shui tip on the page The success principle.

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