Free Meeting Agenda Templates Professional and Efficient

free-meeting-agenda-templatesThe following free meeting agenda templates will save a lot of time when you need to prepare a meeting.

Depending on the kind of conference, you can download different versions, from simple to more extensive.
With these templates it’s easy for you as a secretary to make your conference much more effective, as well as efficient.

The following paragraphs explain which template suits a certain type of meeting best. At the bottom of the page you find a link to different samples, showing you how to use the templates.

Free meeting agenda templates: the simple version

meeting-agenda-template-downloadThis is the simplest version. The advantage is that you can make your scheme very quickly, and it looks professional as well. This type can be used for simple and regular meetings.


More extensive agenda format template

elaborate-meeting-agenda-template-downloadThis is a bit more elaborate template. Here, the estimated time per item is mentioned. This helps the participants as well as the chairman to conclude the meeting in time.


The most elaborate and effective meeting agenda template

advanced-meeting-agenda-template-downloadThe last and most advanced of these free meeting agenda templates helps the participants of the conference to prepare themselves best. This means that the meeting itself will run more efficient and smoothly.

Why? Not only the time and purpose per item are mentioned (information, resolution, discussion), but the name of the person who brought forward the agenda item as well. Moreover, the belonging attachments are indicated.

When all participants read the agenda and attachments in advance, no unnecessary time will be lost during the meeting with explaining the agenda items.

Depending on your browser settings, you might have problems with opening the template files in Word. If so, please let me know and I’ll send you the files.


More information

Would you like to have more explanation about the free meeting agenda templates, go to agenda samples and find more explanation on how to use the free meeting agenda templates.

It’s wise to read the general information about using meeting agendas. For other meeting tools, like conference venues, or making meeting minutes, see the page everything about organizing a meeting.

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