Good meeting venues, when are these successful?

Good meeting venues are essential for the success of a conference or a meeting. But how do you find your perfect venue? How do you determine the choice of a conference and meeting facility? This and more is explained below. Of course you will find many tips for finding your ideal meeting location too.

good meeting venues


Irrespective of the event to organize, first ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the goal of the meeting? Do you need to reach consensus, is there a deal you want to make? Do you need to come up with new ideas (brainstorm session) or is this meeting organized to inform people of new plans, good or bad news?
  • How long will the meeting last? A few hours, (part) of a day, or even more days?
  • How many people are involved? Are these businessmen, or are their partners and/or children involved as well?
  • How important is the accessibility of the location?
  • Which presentation means do you need?
  • What kind of catering is necessary? Coffee/tea, lunch, dinner, refreshments? Good meeting venues take care of diet wishes
  • Will part of the program be relaxing or social part?
  • Will there be a sports event included?

The answers to the above questions will help you to find your perfect conference and meeting facility.

Good meeting venues

Tips for good meeting venues are:

IACC online for international meeting venues
UK and international meeting venues
Chilisauce for conferences and events in the UK and Europe

When you are asked to organize an event to organize, realize that this will take quite some time. This is certainly the case when a larger group of guests is involved. If your time is (too) limited, or the importance is very high and you don’t feel confident, consider to outsource the organization of the event. Find here some tips:

Creative Endeavors International Meeting Planners
Meetings worldwide conference management
Meeting expectations organizes your conference

Incentives, events and breaks

In case you want to add a sports event, or a social or relaxing part, you can make use of the following suggestions:logopop-event

Maximillion for worldwide incentives and events
Worldwide Events for business-to-business trade events

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