How to choose a career which makes you happy

How to choose a career which fits me better is a question many people ask themselves at a certain stage in life.
Many people choose their career when they are very young, often determined by their education and occupational training.

By the time you have grown up, your future seems to be definite with the choices made earlier. In some cases you are predestined to succeed your family in their business.

How to choose a career or which choices do I have?

You may have enjoyed all this for some time, but after a couple of years a lot of people notice frustration or boredom in their work. Then the question arises: How to choose a career which makes me happy?

How to choose a career

It is rather common that this happens, however, only a few people make a real change. They keep dreaming about another career, or another life.

The only thing to make it happen is: go for it! This is not that easy, as in most of the cases, you will have to make some sacrifices. During the years you have fulfilled your current job, it’s likely that you have gained some pay rises. This might something you need to give up. And what to think of retirement entitlement? And your social status?

Changing your career could mean that you have to start all over again. Therefore it is wise to consider the question: How happy are you in your current job?

If the answer is no, there are a few options:

Same job, other employer

In some cases it is not necessary to throw away all your skills and experience. If your colleagues or your current boss are the main cause of your need to change, then you probably find a new challenge at another company.

Career change advice

If you don’t find any challenge in your profession anymore, it is time to find a new one.
Depending on the type of person you are, you can start a new profession at the same, or another employer. It is important to find out what your strong and weak points are, which skills you have or need to learn which make you happy. Actually, the most important question on how to choose a career can be answered with: Find your passion. When you become really enthusiastic of your work, you will never be bored, and also the finance issue comes at the second place. You spend a significant part of your time at your work, so first priority is to find a job which makes you happy.
Find more information and links at my page How to find your dream career.

Career change from home work

At last, there is an interesting option, which is not suitable for everyone, as this demands a lot of perseverance and self-reliance: starting you own business. When you start a business from home you have the advantage that you can keep costs for accommodation low.

More and more secretaries choose a career change from home work, as they can combine their work better while raising their children. When you start a business from home you have to realize that you don’t have colleagues all around you, in a certain sense it might feel lonely. On the other hand, you have the freedom to plan your own day, and the contacts with your customers might replace the feeling of missing your colleagues.

Since 2004 I run my own business as a freelance secretary, and I combine working from home with executing assignments at the customers’ location. This combination, especially since I work for several customers, makes me a very happy person.

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How to choose a career: start your own business

I hope that the above will give you a little more insight in yourself and an answer to the question how to choose a career.

Follow your intuition and control your life by making choices which make you happy!

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