How to find a good employee

how to find a good employeeHow to find a good employee who is capable of supporting your organization well? And quick? These are questions which occur to any employer at a certain stage.

The help situation

Don’t you recognize the phenomenon of too much work and too less time or too less available personnel ? These situations happen during vacation / holidays, but also in busy times, for instance by the end of the year, when extra projects have to be executed. Or what do you think of pregnancy leave, illness or resignation of a colleague?

In these situations you need a temporary solution. But as you are too busy already, you feel you can’t find the time to find the right solution.
And what if your business grows, or one of your employees leaves? Then you need a more more structural solution.

Solutions on how to find a good employee

Below are some interesting links to professional providers of good personnel. Before you do this, it’s wise to read the page How to write a job description, as this preparation increases the chance of finding a good employee at once.

Global Solutions

Find a good employee with Randstad
Find employment agencies, headhunters and recruiters in the U.S.A., U.K. and Canada
Kelly services workforce employment solution

Solutions in the USA

Virtual assistants for virtual secretary services
Staffing now for executive secretary duty, other clerical jobs and more

Solutions in Europe

Undutchables: recruitment for international companies in the Netherlands

Solutions in Australia

Secretarial jobs in Australia

How to find a good employee is not only a question for employers to answer. YOU, as a secretary, management assistant, or management supporter can help to find an answer to this question, especially in small organizations. I hope that the above suggestions will help you to keep the business running.

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