How to find your dream career

How to find your dream career , from resume to interview

How to find your dream career doesn’t need to be a question that is impossible to answer. Not for you!
Have you every tried to find another job? And have you swallowed a number of disappointing rejections? Or is this the first time that you take a step in the world of labor? In both cases, its worthwhile to read further and take the following steps:

Step 1: Do you like your profession?

Only when you really like your profession, you are able to show convincing enthusiasm towards your future employer. This is the most important factor in getting the job you want, and leave your competition behind.
In case you don’t like your profession that much, it is time consider a new direction, and try to find out which profession makes you wildly enthusiastic, and go to step no. to find your dream career

Step 2: Look for a job vacancy, or find your favorite employer

The second step in how to find a dream career is looking for a vacancy which suits your education, experience, ambition, and your personality.
Decide whether you look for a full-time or part-time job, whether you want to work at location, or work from home. The following links might help you finding interesting job vacancies, on-line part-time jobs, and much more.


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South East Jobs is a job search and job advertising website specifically designed to target the South East of Melbourne Victoria. Search for your dream job and start your new career in Melbourne’s South East.

Step 3: Now it is time you write your curriculum vitae or resume

A lot of people have a standard resume, which they use for each job application, but in the answer on how to find your dream career, it is very important that your resume fits the job description and the company you apply for. So, if necessary, adapt your CV for each application, and you increase the chance to succeed. For more information on how to write you resume read my page how to write a curriculum vitae.

Step 4: Accumulate all your energy to write a resume cover letterlogopop-write

This is an important step, for which you need step 1. Now its time to put all your enthusiasm on paper, telling why you are suitable for the job. Don’t use the same standard letter for all applications, and take care that the reader of you letter becomes so excited about you, that he/she invites you for an interview. For more information, tips and a sample read my page how to write a resume cover letter.
You are coming closer to the answer on how to find your dream career.

Step 5: Prepare for a job interview

After you have received an invitation for an interview, its time to prepare for this. Always take pen and paper, laptop or tablet tot he interview, on which you have prepared some questions about the company and the position. (and this is not only for jobs for the executive secretary) and make notes during the interview. This will make a professional and serious impression. Be immaculately dressed and groomed, and use appropriate etiquette, at least appropriate to the occasion. And last but not least: be in time!
You are more than halfway in the process of how to find your dream career, now!
For more information on this subject see:
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Step 6: Write an interview thank you letter

Another way to impress your future employer is sending an interview thank you letter after the interview. Find all information on this step on interview thank you letter.

Step 7: The second interview

If before-mentioned steps were successful, then the answer to how to find your dream career is nearly complete.
Before you go to this interview, ask yourself the question whether you consider this company as a place where you can work with full satisfaction, and which is stimulating. If the answer is yes, than you have to prepare this second interview. Prepare subjects such as salary, fringe benefits, working days, working times, overtime, flexibility, vacation. Don’t expect that all your wishes will be met. Find a balance, and try to stick to your most important conditions. Eventually an agreement has two parties, and you are one of them.

Step 8: Sign the employment contract

Now you have finally received an employment contract, don’t sign in a rush. Take your time to read it at home, and ask questions if you don’t understand parts of it, or in case agreements have not correctly been described. At the moment you are sure about everything, you can sign it, and enjoy and realize that now you can explain others how to find your dream career!

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