How to make a card

When you know how to make a card, you will be able to make a unique present. You will definitely impress the receiver!how to make a card

What do you need to make a card?

It’s not so difficult, when you have the following things:

  • A printer
  • Thick stiff paper
  • A computer with a word processing program
  • Access to the Internet will be an advantage
  • A paper cutter, or if you don’t have one: scissors

If you don’t have a computer or printer, use your creativity with paper, pencil, scissors, and possible images and glue to create your own card.

How to make a card?

If you are not so deft with Word, I advice you to make use of the templates and examples by clicking on the images. Of course you can use another word processing program, but this template only works in MS Word. When you open the template, you see a rectangle, which you can fill with your own words and images. Change the letter type and size, as well as the position, if you wish. Make the letters quite big for a better readability.
Then it’s nice to add an image. Your word-processor might have access to some royalty free images. Otherwise, you can use your own photographs, or find a nice image on the Internet. Go for instance to and enter the name of the image you are looking for in search box  (e.g. flowers). With ‘search tools’ you can choose for large images. This will guarantee a good resolution, and thus a better printing quality. It’s important to realize that it is not allowed to use images for commercial use without having permission from the owner. Right-click on the images to copy and paste them into your document. Possibly some resizing is needed, and your image is ready.
example single card template single card example double card template double card

Do this by clicking on the image, so that you see a rectangle with dots. Click on one of the angles move your mouse to make the image smaller or larger. Right-click to see more options for images.
When you like your result, print this and use the paper cutter or scissors to get the right format. Another option is to send your card by e-mail.

I wish you a lot of pleasure making your own card en surprising the receiver!




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