How to write a complaint letter: find here tips and an example

How to write a complaint letter which doesn’t overshoot the mark? How to write a complaint letter

The problem with a lot of complaint letters is that the author is so angry, that too much emotions are put in the letter, which causes an even more angry reaction by the addressee, who is not willing to solve the problem. And that is, of course, not your goal.

Anyhow, it is not wise to put much negative emotions in a letter. It’s on paper, so later on, in case you would regret some of your words, you can’t withdraw them. You shut yourself out of a possible solution. And what if it appeared that you are not so right as you thought?

Imagine that you are the recipient of such a letter. Isn’t it nicer to receive a message in which an opening to a solution is left?

So, the best thing is to indicate the problem, or express your feeling, but try to use balanced words.

Sample on how to write a complaint letter

Dear Sir, Madam,

I apply in writing to you, as so far, all my complaints by phone remain to be unsolved.

Since November 28 we have a trial subscription at your newspaper. Before we decided take this subscription, we have assured ourselves that the newspaper will delivered before 07:00  A.M. It is very important to us that we receive the newspaper at this early hour, as we need part of the information for our daily business.

So far, we have received the newspaper only 3 times in time. Most of the times the newspaper arrives around 08:30 A.M. We have reported the customer desk every time when the newspaper came too late, and requested a timely delivery. Despite the friendly promises, so far the problem has still not been solved.

newsI hope that I do not have to explain that the above leads to quite some frustrations.

As we have reported to the customer desk, we haven’t paid the invoice for this subscription yet, as we are not satisfied with the promised timely delivery; an important part of your service.

Could you please show to us that the newspaper indeed can be delivered in time? Then of course, we will pay your invoice. If timely delivery is not possible, would you be so kind as to inform us? Then we know at least where we stand, and we will then decide not to extend this subscription.

Kind regards, [name]

As you can see in this sample complaint letter, you start with the reason you write this letter. Then you put the facts, in which no emotions are shown. After this you show how you feel: disappointed, frustrated, but in such a way that you recipient can imagine. Now you take a position (not pay the invoice till the problem has been solved). Be clear, but don’t use bad language. Concluding your letter with a question gives the recipient an opening to answer your letter.

How to write a complaint letter wich scoresHow to write a complaint letter will not be a too difficult question to answer anymore for you!

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