How to Write a Resume which Sells

How to write a resume which results in a job interview invitation? Is this your first time you write an application letter? Or is it a long time ago you wrote one? In these cases, you might not be experienced in writing a resume, or so-called curriculum vitae or CV. As you will not be the only applicant who desperately wants the job, you will need to send a better one than the resumes of your competitors. Apply the following tips and make use of the resume sample, then you will see that a basis of honesty, good lay- out and simple facts will work.

Easy to Read

In the first place take care that your resume looks conveniently arranged. Use an easily readable font like times new roman, arial or helvetica. Use headlines, and take care of an easy to read lay-out by using enough white space.

How to write a resumeGood Order

An important part on how to write a resume which scores better than your competition: the order. A good order exists of 4 parts:

  • Personal data
  • Educational background
  • Work experience
  • Other things, like knowledge of languages, references, or possible interests

The order depends on your situation. In case you just have been graduated, then it is wise to start with your educational background, after which you mention your work experience. In case you have a few years of work experience, then start with this, after which you describe your educational background. This is an important part in answering the question ‘how to write a resume’.

Other tips on how to write a resume

  • Keep your story short; only mention the relevant information. The more work experience you have, the less interesting are your subjects chosen for graduation, or your student jobs.
  • Be specific. Take care that the things mentioned in the employment advertisement can be found in your cover letter. This means that you have to adapt your cover letter every time to the job description.
  • Be honest. One of the most important tips on how to write a resume is: being honest. If you don’t comply with every aspect in the job description, then don’t lie. If your education lacks, emphasize on your practical skills. If you lack in work experience, refer to your apprenticeship, voluntary work, or other activities which show your skills which are important for the job.

Functional resume sample and template

Find here a sample of an administrative assistant resume.

Name : Smith
First name(s) : Anna Maria
Address : Road 1
Postal code and place : 0101 RT PLACENAME
Phone number : 000-000000
E-mail :
Place of birth : PLACENAME
Date of birth : 21 December 1970
Sex : Female
Nationality : Canadian
Marital status : Married
Qualifications : Secretary and Business administration (1989-1991)
: Eight GCE O’ levels including English, German and Art – Ada High School (1982-1989)
Courses : MS Powerpoint (1997)
: Presentation skills (1995)
: MS Excel (1992)
: Typing and shorthand course(1991)
Work experience : Delfi & Sons, construction company. Head assistant to two senior partners. Responsible for project filings, preparation of documentation, scheduling depositions and appointments, phones, and heavy filing. (1999 to present)
: IDEFA, financial advisor. Management assistant to the general manager. Responsible for mail and phone, public relations, organizing exhibitions, conferences, annual meeting. (1996 to 1999)
: Orto Medical Center, private hospital.
Receptionist. Responsible for phones, scheduling appointments, computing, filing, English/German translations with patients/family members, medical billing, data entry and medical transcribing. (1992 to 1996)
Interests : Diving, sailing, playing guitar
Other : member of BAC
: driving license, full and clean
resume-sample  professional-resume-template

Depending on your browser settings, you might have problems with opening the template and samples files. If so, please let me know and I’ll send you the files.

Other ways to promote yourself

Your Curriculum Vitae or resume is still the best option to promote yourself. Consider to use your resume information on LinkedIn. Additionally, you can make a promotion video of yourself and place this on YouTube. Take care that the video looks professional (good quality of sound/picture/light) and be aware of using a good background, decent clothes, not too much make-up and a clear voice. Take care that the message you bring across fits you. The last thing you have to realize that this kind of media has a worldwide audience, so choose your words carefully.

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