How to write a thank you note tips and example

How to write a thank you note which comes across?

Maybe it is easy for you to write a thank you note. But writing such a letter with a message that will last and that will have a certain impact on the reader, is a bit more difficult. Not anymore after you have read below guidelines and tips.

How to write a thank you noteThe answer on how to write a thank you letter is actually not that difficult. Like most correspondence, imagine the person who will read the message.

Then, answer the question: ‘What is where I want the receiver of this letter thank for? Did he/she surprise you with a present for you birthday, celebration, etc.? Or was it because you were invited for an event? And did you come, or do you want to thank for the invitation, but you will not participate?

How to write a thank you note example no.1: the invitation

Dear [name],

Many thanks for the invitation for attending the 100th anniversary on the 14th of July.

It is a real honor for me and my husband, that we are invited for such a special occasion. We have meanwhile found a very appropriate present for you, which we should like to hand over to you personally during this event.

However, and I am really sorry to let you know, we will not be able to do this, as at the same time we are expected on a family reunion, which we have promised to attend.

I will call you after the anniversary to make an appointment, at which I will congratulate you with this special occasion, and hand over the present, which will wait for you.

Thank you again for the invitation, also on behalf of my wife, and we wish you and your colleagues a fantastic day.

Warmest regards, [name]

Another example on how to write a thank you note

How to write a thank you note example no.2: a present

Dear [name],

First of all, I would like to thank you for your extremely nice surprise.

I didn’t realize that you know my birthday, and certainly not that you knew that I would become 50. So, when I woke up yesterday, and I found a nicely wrapped package in my mailbox, I was rather surprised.

I became even more surprised when I opened the package and found a lovely card and this book with interesting facts about Asia. How did you know that after so many years, my dream to go on business trip to China, will be fulfilled? You know how to surprise a good friend!

Thanks again, and I will catch up with you soon!

Warmest regards, [name]

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