Interesting facts about Asia and more

The following interesting facts about Asia will help you considering your next trip to this beautiful continent. Before giving you more information on famous places in China, learn to write in Japanese, and how to prepare your trip, I will give you some general information first.

General interesting facts about Asia

Interesting facts about AsiaAsia is the largest continent in the world. About 60% of the total population in the world lives in Asia, at only approx 30% of the total land surface. China and Russia are the largest countries with regard to the surface; with regard to the amount of citizens, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh and Japan belong to the biggest countries.

The largest cities of Asia are Shanghai in China, Bombay in India, Moscow in Russia, Karachi in Pakistan, Delhi in India, Manila in the Philippines and Seoul in South-Korea.

The most spoken language in Asia and even the world is Mandarin.

When you look for the a rainiest place in Asia, you can go to Mawsynram in India where 11 meters of rain per year is normal.

Interesting facts about Asia: some highlights

Russia is the biggest country in the world with regard to surface; when you count the citizens, Russia takes the 9th position of the countries in the world. Part of Russia belongs to Europe. Here lives 70% of the population. 30% of Russia’s citizens live in Asia. Russian is the only official state language and is spoken by nearly 100% of the citizens.

China is one of the interesting countries of Asia. Some of the most famous places in China are Beijing, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Suzhou the ‘garden city’, Kaifeng, Nanjing or Qufu, the city of Confucius. More information on China and the most spoken language in the world, Mandarin, can be found on the page Famous places in China and Learn Mandarin phrases.

Another interesting country is Japan. Japan means ‘origin of the sun’, and consists of more than 300 islands, situated East of Asia, and East of China. Maybe because the fact that the Japanese live on islands, the culture in Japan is very different, and very authentic. The Japanese have managed to maintain their cultural heritage and a lot of old traditions. When you consider a visit to Japan, it’s wise to prepare well by reading about the Japanese culture and by learning a little bit of the Japanese language.

interesting-facts-about-IndiaThere are also some interesting facts to mention about India, another fascinating country. After China, India is the country with the largest population in the world. India is the cradle of several religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Hindi is the primary official language used by the federal government, as English is an associated extra official language. Over 60% of the population works in the agricultural sector (rice, millet, peanuts and peas, as well as cow milk). Next to this the mining industry (oil, gas, iron ore and coal) has a high potential. Last but not least, the services sector is doing well; particularly the ICT-sector is booming. A lot of foreign companies are doing business in India, as the level of education in India is high and the people speak English. When you consider your next trip to India, or doing business with India, it is wise to read more about business etiquette in India.

Travel to Asia

Above you can read some interesting facts about Asia, and probably these are a reason for you to travel to one of these countries. A good preparation of the trip is very important, like checking required vaccinations for foreign travel, making a good travel itinerary, an much more. The best way to prepare well is to use the free trip adviser.

Although I realize that the above interesting facts about Asia are far from complete, I hope you will get fascinated by this continent, and that a visit to it opens a new world to you.

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