Interesting facts about England

There are more interesting facts about England than I can show here, but here a few are unveiled.
Interesting facts about England

Interesting facts about England

England is part of the United Kingdom, together with Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. England is not an independent state. With regard to international relationships, only the United Kingdom as a sovereign state plays a role.

When you say England, you might think of English beer and the traditional English pub, soccer, the world-famous English breakfast, afternoon tea, fish and chips and of course the English gardens.

Next to this, England counts a lot of famous inventors. A few of them are listed here:

  • Charles Darwin, founder of the evolution theory
  • Thomas Newcomen invented the first steam engine
  • Oliver Lodge made the first radio signal in 1894, one year before Marconi became famous with this
  • James Starley invented the bicycle and tricyle
  • James Hargreaves was the inventor of the spinning machine in 1764

Places of interest

The most famous prehistoric monument of England and even Europe is Stonehenge. This monument goes all the way back to approximately 3000 BC. Although people are still not sure about the rituals which took place here in the past, the connection with the seasons, sun and planets seems to be obvious.

Big Ben is the name of the massive main bell inside the clock tower of Westminster Abbey in London. The bell is with 13,195 kg one of the heaviest bells in the world, and produces together with the other bells the most famous chime tune in the world.

One of the modern interesting facts about England is the Channel tunnel. This tunnel connects England with France since 1994. The Eurotunnel is 50 km long, and exists of two passenger tunnels (where passenger vehicles are transported by train) and one service tunnel, which are situated 25-45 m below sea level. The train, also called Le Shuttle, brings you in about 35 minutes from Calais to Folkestone.

Travel to England

Above interesting facts about England might decide you to travel to this beautiful green and hilly country. In order to prepare well for a trip, I recommend you to make a good itinerary (see also some itinerary samples here). For all the other things which are necessary to organize a trip, like booking a hotel, a good journey planner, a super cheap airplane ticket, a rental car, a travel visa and much more details, tips and guidelines with regard to organizing and preparing travel I recommend you to make use of the trip adviser.

Would you like to read more about England and the rest of Great Britain, I can recommend this book. This book gives good information about a lot of highlights an other interesting facts about England, and contains beautiful photographs and illustrations.

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