Why are these Itinerary Samples so Useful?

itinerary samplesItinerary samples are the perfect way to understand how you can use a travel plan.
When you organize travel, whether this is for pleasure or business purposes, your aim will be a successful trip.

Generally the investment in a trip is considerable in terms of time and money. Next to this the occasion to have a meeting with an important person, or visiting a special event, is rather unique.

A good preparation of the travel is therefore essential. When you do this well, the traveler will have less stress and time management problems, and  is able to focus on it’s goal: doing business.

Let’s guide you through a few steps to help you understand these itinerary samples, so that you can work with these in a pleasant and efficient way.

Furthermore I have developed two templates in Excel which you can easily use to make your own travel plan: one is for business purposes, you can use the other one for leisure trips. You can download these for free.

Read further to find out where you can download theses and find the information on how to use these. Let’s first start with the itinerary samples, so that you understand how these work:

Itinerary samples

Take the time to examine these two itinerary samples:

itinerary-sample-business  itinerary-sample-private

Depending on your browser settings, you might have problems with opening above files. If so, please let me know and I’ll send you the requested files.

The basis is the same. For business travel more details might be necessary, as the schedule will probably be tighter than a private schedule. When you are on holiday, lunch time is often not important. However, for a business schedule, meetings might be planned during or after lunchtime, and so a travel plan will be more than welcome. In both cases it is very handy to have one piece of paper or one file with all the necessary details.

Itinerary templates

At the page itinerary templates you will find templates, guidelines and tips on their usage. Together with the travel itinerary samples these are part of a thorough travel preparation and are the basis of a successful trip. One mistake which is made very often, is that not enough time is planned between different events or activities. Examples are the time needed to change planes or the travel time from a hotel or airport to a meeting location in a crowded city. Another common mistake is that the time scheduled for a meeting is often too tight.

In some cultures, people do not watch the clock, and when the subject of a meeting is not fully discussed yet, the meeting will overrun its schedule.

Other important details of organizing your trip

Organizing travel for your boss, or even for yourself can be time consuming. Don’t forget anything. The trip adviser will assist you.

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