Itinerary Templates, Sample and Tips for a Smooth Trip

When you’re organizing a business trip, use the travel itinerary templates below to ensure you don’t forget any important details.
sample travel itinerary
Based on years of experience, I can assure you that these are an efficient tool for this purpose, whether this is for business or pleasure. Start by reviewing this business travel itinerary sample to determine what your traveling colleague or manager needs and prepare his/her schedule accordingly. The travel itinerary template is an excellent starting point of your trip, as it gives you an overview of the purpose(s) of your trip.

Important tip

Take care that the travel schedule is accessible at any location and time for the traveler, for instance via smart phone or by e-mailing to a web-mail address.

Sample travel itinerary

Travel itineraries provide an overview of the information the traveler needs. These should clearly display the times the traveler needs to be at each location and provide details such as flight numbers, departure times and connection times between flights.

This business itinerary travel schedule sample shows the exact locations of the meetings and the people involved as well. Where necessary, you can indicate when supplementary files or documents are needed. Find more information and samples on how to fill in your schedule at travel plan samples.

Itinerary templates to build your schedule on

Now it’s time to get to work with the itinerary templates. Choose one of the two itinerary templates below depending on whether you are preparing an itinerary for business or pleasure. itinerary template business itinerary template private Use one of these itinerary templates to create an easy-reference itinerary to record your specific travel information in an efficient way. Depending on your browser settings, you might have problems with opening the template files. If so, please let me know and I’ll send you the requested files.

Tips on how to write a travel itinerary

Now you have the structure, the other question arises: Where do I get the information, which I need to fill in the schedule? Some handy tools are available for that and are addressed below.

  • The basis of the itinerary are the dates and times as well as the location of meetings/appointments.When are the people your manager needs to meet available? Contact them or their secretaries.itinerary-templatesIf it is a conference your boss wants to attend, find out what sessions he wants to attend. The conference website should note the program subjects, dates and times.Is it vacation you are planning, choose the destination(s) first.Last but not least: any plan needs to fit your (manager’s) agenda.
  • Once dates, times and location are determined, you can plan the flight. Take care of the road trip details or make use of the train journey planner, whatever your plans call for.
  • In order to find the places, distances, and travel time between locations, make use of Google maps. You can type in your destination (street name, number and city) and with the built-in road trip planner, you can see the distance and the travel time you need to plan for. This is especially useful when you need to know the travel time between a hotel and meeting location, or the airport.
  • The next step is to take care of travel accommodations. For quality hotel booking solutions offering good rates, try global hotel booking. You’ll find all the information you need, including images of the hotel and rooms, which will help you to ensure that your manager will be comfortable during his/her business trip. Of course, you’ll want to add the hotel location and contact details you find to the itinerary.
    This tool is also highly recommended for vacations.
  • Finally add the contact details your manager requires. On the second worksheet of the excel document of the itinerary templates, you can fill in names, phone number, and if needed, fax numbers and email-addresses of the persons he/she will be meeting and locations he/she will be visiting.

Now you have experienced the advantage of using itinerary templates, the quality of future business trips will be enhanced, and your boss will be more satisfied with your excellent support!

More about organizing travel

Creating an itinerary is an important part of organizing a trip, and as you have discovered, the itinerary templates are a useful tool . The trip adviser will assist in organizing the rest of your trip in an efficient way and guide you through other interesting pages related to (business) travel on this website.

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