Why learn Mandarin phrases and Chinese symbols meanings

When you travel to China, you might need to learn Mandarin phrases and Chinese symbols meanings in order to find your way in this fascinating Asian country, where English is no common language, and completely different characters are used instead of the Latin alphabet. Besides you will get a better understanding of where you are (traffic signs, signs on buildings or the menu) its worthwhile to have some knowledge of the language as you can communicate with other people, and good communication is fortune.

Learn Mandarin phrases

But how can you learn basic Mandarin in an effective way? Understanding the Chinese character alphabet will take some time, but soon you’ll discover that it is very interesting to learn the Chinese symbols meanings and get more understanding of the languages spoken in China.

Why learn Mandarin phrases?

Mandarin, or Chinese, is spoken by more than 850 million people and is the most spoken language in the world. Actually, Mandarin, or Chinese, is the collective of 14 different dialects. The official standard Mandarin is based on the particular Mandarin dialect spoken in Beijing and is the official spoken language of the People’s Republic of China, the official language of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and is one of the four official languages of Singapore. Chinese — in practice Standard Mandarin — is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Reason enough to learn basic Mandarin.

How learn basic Mandarin and Chinese symbols meanings

The following interesting links bring you to free on-line courses:

Learn basic Mandarin with BBC.
Learn Chinese symbols meanings.

Another option which is not free, but very professional:
Glovico, a fair trade non-profit organization providing on-line language-learning services.

Once you have gained some basic knowledge of Mandarin, one of the most spoken languages in China, you will get the most out of your vacation or business trip to the famous places in China. Now you will understand the most common Chinese symbols meanings, and it is most possible that you want to know more about the fascinating Chinese culture. I have written some more pages which I would like to recommend:

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