Mandarin English translation, English to Mandarin translation and more

Mandarin English translation

Mandarin English translation
Mandarin English translation and English to Mandarin translation seem to be very difficult for people in Western cultures. Just using a Mandarin Chinese dictionary will probably not be enough to translate a letter or a contract. Depending on what you need to translate, there are different ways to support you with this.

Most spoken language

Mandarin is the official language of China and is not only the most spoken language in China, but of the whole world as well. As more and more people establish (business) relationships between China, the Mandarin language becomes more and more important.

Professional Chinese translator

In order to do business with Chinese companies, it’s important to take care that you consult a good Mandarin translator. This investment will pay itself back very quickly, as using the right words in a letter, business proposal, or contract will make the Chinese party more willing to do business with you. The following links help you to find a professional Mandarin translator:

Chinese Dictionary

In case you need a Mandarin English translation or an English to Mandarin translation of a single word, I suggest you to use a Chinese dictionary.  Chinese translations can be found in the following dictionaries:

Writing A name in Chinese

Perhaps it’s just writing a name in Chinese you’re looking for. For international names, or if you want to write English names in Chinese, you can find (free) solutions at the page Writing a name in Chinese.

Learn Mandarin Phrases

When you travel a lot to China, and have daily contacts with Chinese people, you might want to know more about the Mandarin language. Find more information at the page Learn Mandarin phrases.

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