Use this Meeting Minutes Sample and Learn How to Take Minutes

The professional meeting minutes sample below will help you as a secretary to save time and enhance the quality of your meeting minutes.

First, I’d like to present some important guidelines and tips on how to take meeting minutes. These will help you to save time and enhance the quality of your meeting minutes.

It won’t take long to read them, and when you use the template for meeting minutes, you will save even more time. Now with an optimal result!

Another time-saving option for you as a secretary is outsourcing the job, for which I’ll give you some suggestions below.

How to take meeting minutes

logopop-meeting-minutesBefore I show you the meeting minutes sample, I will first explain how take meeting minutes.

The person taking minutes, can do the best job when he/she is not a participant in the meeting. You achieve the best results by focusing on one thing: taking the notes.

If you are deft with the keyboard, get used to make notes with the laptop. Now you can make readable notes, which can be rearranged quickly. Make it more efficient by using a template for meeting minutes, especially when you prepare these before the meeting with the agenda items of the particular meeting. For a meeting minutes sample and template: see below.

Ask the chairperson whether he/she can make a conclusion at the end of each agenda item during the meeting. This makes it all easier and clearer for you, as well as the rest of the participants.

Generally recipients prefer brief and to the point minutes, with the essence of each agenda item. Find a balance in brief minutes, in which not all the words said are important, but the essence of each item.

Formulate the conclusion, and where necessary, the most important arguments leading to the conclusion.

On the other hand, put yourself in the shoes of an absentee, and see whether that person would understand your story as well.

Sometimes you don’t understand what is said in the meeting. Give yourself permission to ask after a name or item which you didn’t quite hear or understand as long this does not interrupt the meeting or bother the attendees.

Another option: ask the person after the meeting. This is better than inventing the story.

After the meeting do not postpone the writing up of your notes: one to three days, as your memory is the other time-saving factor in writing up minutes.

Use the meeting minutes sample and template below.

Another advantage of a speedy working up: the participants will be glad to receive their minutes and action points so soon.

Consult the chairperson whether he/she wants to check the draft minutes before distribution to the other participants. If you are not so experienced in writing meeting up minutes, it is always wise to let the chairperson check the minutes.

Meeting minutes sample and template

This meeting minutes sample will make you understand the meeting minutes template.
Meeting-Minutes-Sample Meeting-Minutes-Template

As mentioned above, you will find here a meeting minutes sample. Here you can see which items you need to incorporate in the meeting minutes, and that a good lay-out makes the text better readable. To make things a lot easier, you can download a Word-file, containing a template for meeting minutes. This is the same as the meeting minutes sample, but then only with the basic text you need. Another template can be found at the page meeting minutes templates.

Depending on your browser settings, you might have problems with opening the sample or template files in Word. If so, please let me know and I’ll send you the files.


If it is still difficult for you as a secretary to take meeting minutes due to lack of time, language skills, or whatever reason, you can outsource this job in an easy way to a freelance secretary. This concept is used more and more, as your daily business needs to go on. It’s easy to delegate and you get value for money. Find below some suggestions: for transcription service for minutes of meeting
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Now you know more about making professional meeting minutes, using the meeting minutes sample. Would you like to know more about setting up an effective and efficient meeting agenda or organizing a meeting, or meeting venue, see the page How to organize a meeting.

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