These Meeting Minutes Templates and Action List Format Work Well

The meeting minutes templates below will help you to organize your notes into a professional, workable format.
These formats will also make this job more pleasant, as many secretaries experience this as a time consuming and annoying task.

Discover the time-saving advantages of using the formats below.

What to do first

Before you use these, I advise you to read the guidelines and tips for writing meeting minutes, as these contain important guidelines and tips. When you follow the tips, especially the one which helps you to focus on your tasks during the meeting, you will be able to make good notes, whether on paper or on your laptop.

After you have read the guidelines, download the sample minutes at the same page. These show how the structure works, after which it is easier to use the meeting minutes templates.

meeting minutes templates

Now the real work starts

Now it’s time to download the free meeting minutes formats. There are two different kinds: The first one is the full template, for a full record of the meeting, as well as an action list.


Sometimes, often in internal work meetings, only the actions are required. In this case you can download the template action list.

If necessary, you can add important decisions, or other things in front of the chart in the action list, so that the people who were not present during the session can see the important notes.

Advantage of using the action list, is that you save a lot of time; disadvantage is that decisions, and the considerations which lead to a resolution are not being registered.
It’s a matter of considering the pros and cons which kind of format you use:

  • How official is the action list ? Is it for e.g. a works council, a management team or a shareholders meeting, then you better use the full template; for an internal weekly progress discussion an action list will do.
  • How important is efficiency? An elaborate record needs more time to be produced and to be read.

More information on meeting minutes templates

Now you have showed interest in meeting minutes templates, I recommend the page ‘How to organize a meeting’. Here you find everything about making agendas for a meeting, how to organize a meeting and find conference venues.

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