My most flexible working places, an anecdote

As one of my former colleagues asked for funny stories about working outside of the office, it’s now time to write down one of my most funniest, and definitely most flexible working places ever, as a freelance secretary.most flexible working places

One of my most flexible working places

A couple of years ago, I was working on a project for one of my clients. It was the last day before the summer holiday of my client, and I had a meeting with a lot of important and urgent things to discuss. I went to his office, and while I was waiting for him, he called me, apologizing for his absence. He told me that he had problems with his car. He needed this car for his holiday too, so this had to be fixed as soon as possible. He was able to get an appointment at the garage to get this fixed. We decided tot meet there, and so two useful things happened at once: his car was fixed, and we could have our meeting there at a picnic table in the sun.

The second of my most flexible working places

As the car was fixed before our action points were discussed, and the car tire center closed, we had to find another place to continue our meeting. We could have gone to the office, but there was another problem. My client had promised his son to go the the library with him in order to borrow some books for the holiday, and he didn’t want to broke this promise. So, we had to be flexible again, and we decided to pick up his son and continue our meeting in the library (on a low noise level, interesting discussion technique, though).most flexible working place
Three persons were happy by the end of that day: My client (he was ready to go on holiday and had everything under control), his son (he managed to borrow the books for his holiday, just before the library closed) and me: I had all the information needed to continue the project and to meet the deadlines which were also important for other parties who were involved in the project. This had never been possible if we were not able to think creative.


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