The best way to find your office supplies

Where do you buy your office supplies? Are your satisfied with your supplier? And what about the stock control of your stationery?

How to manage your stationery

office suppliesHow often does it happen that you need a new pen, a block note or new batteries. You go to the storage room or supply closet and discovers that someone else took the last one. Panic.

In order to prevent that every person in the office keeps an own minimum stock, which of course, is not the most cheapest solution, it’s time to manage the flow of stationery in a more effective way.

Take care that the stock is not accessible to anyone. It’s best to make one person responsible for the stock management, and that persons owns the key of the stock. Make a list of the things which need to be available and check the stock regularly. This list is also very handy when you need to order new supply. When people need to ask someone, instead of taking their own stock, it has been proven that this works much better. Try and see that it works! If necessary, you can communicate that you are ‘open’ at certain hours a day, so that you will not be disturbed with stationery clients all day long.

Where to buy your stationery

In many cases it is much more efficient to buy your stationery on-line. Depending on the amounts you order, you can negotiate interesting discounts. Find your own balance in the volume you order and the volume of your storage.
Find below a few interesting suppliers, where you can buy all the things you need for your office:


Fun office supplies

Next to the usual, but essential stationery, there are also suppliers of interesting fun articles, which are also nice presents. Take a look and enjoy:

See Jane Work


With the above information and links, you will be able to organize your stationery in a more efficient way. Office supplies are, despite the more and more computerized world, still indispensable.

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