It’s Easy to Make a Professional and Selling PowerPoint Presentation

A professional Powerpoint presentation consists of two things: good content and a good look.

The problem with most Powerpoint presentations

Some people tend to use too much text on their presentation sheets. This makes it difficult or even impossible to read, especially for the people who are sitting in the back of the room. They try to focus even harder on the text which they can’t read, and then they forget to listen to your story. Some people think that giving handouts of the presentation will work better, but often, the people start to read these and don’t have attention for the presenter anymore.

Your story matters; the slides are only supportive. If you do it well, they enhance your spoken story.


  • powerpoint presentationDon’t overwhelm your audience with too many slides.
  • Start with an agenda which shows an overview of the subjects you want to cover.
  • Another important thing is that your slides contain keywords with an easily readable font size instead of the complete story you want to tell.
  • Don’t forget that you are the one who brings the message, and that your slides only support you.
  • Use (funny) graphics. The combination of your story, so what the people hear, and what they see, your slides with your key words and graphics, is the basis of success.
  • Add sound if you wish, but be sure that the location where you present contain speakers which fit the size of the room. Don’t forget that also sound is only supportive to the presentation.
  • Conclude the presentation with a short summary.
  • Last but not least, give the audience the possibility to ask questions.

power-point-presentation-example-2_001Good look

The other important factor for success is to show your audience clear, professional slides.
A mistake which is made very often is that too many colors and font types are used in one slide show. Choose for one or a few colors and one font type, which you can make bold or italic where necessary. Use a slightly bigger font sizefor the headlines.

Guidelines, tips, sample and template of a Powerpoint presentation

Do you want to make use of the free Powerpoint presentation guidelines on how to make a Powerpoint presentation, as well as a sample and template, fill in the contact form and indicate that you want a sample Powerpoint presentation or template. You will receive an e-mail with all the information, and without obligations. Your personal information will not be shared with others.

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