Resignation letter template

With the resignation letter template below, you can quickly write your resignation. But before you do this, there are some things to consider.

resignation letter template

Before you write a resignation letter

  •  What is the immediate cause of you wish to resign?
    • Is this an argument with your boss or one of your colleagues?
      If so, consider if this is a situation which may be solved by time, or calling in a mediator.
    • Is this because you don’t like your work anymore?
      Have you thought of applying for another position within your company? Sometimes a conversation with your boss or the personnel department might help.
      If you don’t feel happy in your job for a longer period, then you know for sure that you need to take action. Resignation can be an option.
    • Is this your salary?
      If you feel that your salary doesn’t balance the responsibilities and the way you perform your job, discuss this with your boss. In this conversation, you can also consider to work a few hours more, or do other work with more responsibility and a higher salary.
  • Have you thought about the consequences of your resignation? Can you cope with a drop in income? If not, it might be wise to find another job first before you resign.

Resignation letter template

When you have considered all pro’s and con’s, and you are sure that resignation is the next step, then it’s time to write a resignation letter. It doesn’t have to be difficult. See my page resignation letter for tips how to write a resignation letter. Here you can find a sample of the briefest letter you can write, as well as a resignation letter template. In this example, you verbally motivate your resignation during the handing over of the letter. If you don’t like this option, you can include the motivation in your letter. In the template below, I have included two reasons. Delete the text which doesn’t suit you, and adapt the letter with your own details. I wish you success with the next step: a better future!resignation letter format


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