Write your Resignation Letter Now; it’s Easy

How to write a resignation letter is a question which urgently needs to be answered when you want to leave your employer.
resignation letter
If you are in this position, you learn here how you can quit your job in a professional way.
The sample and Word template make it easy to make create a notice in a quick and professional way.

Furthermore, I will give you some free advice on how to take care that your notice reaches the right address in the most personal way.

How to write a resignation letter

      • A good resignation letter is brief and to the point. There can be different reasons to resign, so the motivation in your written notice differs in each situation. Although quitting your job is often accompanied with a lot of emotions, it is best to keep the content of your notice short and as objective as possible.
      • Never print the notice on paper with the company letterhead. In this case you are not representing your company, but yourself!
      • Mention the most important facts, so the fact that you resign and per which date. Take the term of notice into account.

      • State the reason of your resignation. For example moving to another firm, going back to college, illness or having a baby. If you leave because you were unhappy in your job, do not to mention this in the written notice. Instead you refer to the personal talk with the (personnel) manager for explanation of the reason. See also the example below.
      • End with a positive remark.
      • Do not send this notice by e-mail and don’t communicate by sms or social media. Preferably plan a personal (or if not possible, a video conference) meeting with your manager. Tell him/her that you resign, mention the reason and hand over the notice personally. This is a good occasion to express your emotions in words, if you would like so.
      • Only quit your job after thorough consideration. Avoid doing this in an emotional state of mind. In a neutral or more balanced mood, you are better able to motivate why you quit your job, and it is easier to stick to your decision.

Sample resignation letter

resignation-letter-sampleFind here a sample notice for a secretary. In this example, you can see that this is a very short and objective notice. Save the reasons for a personal talk with your boss, as emotional statements can be used against you.

Re: Resignation

Dear Mr. [name of your manager],

Herewith I announce that I will leave the company on [date] in my position of secretary.

For the reason of my resignation I refer to my verbal explanation.

I wish your company continued success.

Kind regards, [your name]

Resignation letter template

resignation-letter-templateClick on the image and use this template in Word for a quick and professional way to quit your job. You can adapt this letter easily according to your wishes.

Depending on your browser settings, you might have problems with opening the template file in Word. If so, please let me know and I’ll send you the file.

For another resignation letter format, see my page resignation letter template.

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I hope that this resignation letter is the start of a happy future. Good luck!

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