Resize your office and save money

Why you could resize your office

Why should you resize your office? One of my clients asked my support in reorganizing their office and I’ll like to share this information with those who look for cost saving options.

Due to the economic crisis it is wise to look at the costs of your company. As rental cost are period cost, it is wise (in bad and in good times) to look at these very critically. Especially older companies  renting an office, should look at their situation on a regular basis: What is the amount of employees now, is this less than in the past? Are the activities still the same as in the beginning? And what about parking space you might rent: is the amount of parking places okay, or too much? Expanding companies don’t have this problem, as shortage of space will reveal automatically, and will urge the management to look for a larger office space. But when the business runs less good year after year, than it’s not the first thing most companies think of.

My client did, and took aresize your office wise decision: change the leasing agreement of the office at two points:
1. Decrease the amount of square meters
2. Negotiate on the price per square meter

As this company is located in a building which is used by more companies, and rents the office space, it was easy to resize. As a consequence of this, they don’t pay for unused space any longer.
The advantage of renting office space in such a building is that when times get better, you might have the chance to rent extra space when the business expands.

I hope you can take advantage of this story:

As times change, and the size of your company changes as well, the art of flexible thinking can save you substantial money.

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