Your Winning Resume Cover Letter is Easy to Write

Some people think that a resume cover letter is not important, as long as they have a suitable resume / curriculum vitae / CV.

Wrong! Especially when you are a secretary (or all the other titles related to this profession), as this letter demonstrates your ability of writing a good letter.

There are more reasons for writing an accompanying letter. I will be explained this below.

resume cover letterDon’t forget that your application letter is the first thing your addressee sees, and a first impression can only be made once! The best example of a resume cover letter is a letter which contains not more than one page text, is compelling, and triggers the reader to study your resume.

A resume cover letter used to be handwritten, but, nowadays, and especially when your handwriting is not too clear, it is recommended to make a typewritten letter.

Take care that you write letter-perfect, especially as writing or typing is part of your job. Show a lot of enthusiasm.

Choose one or two of your strenghts, the ones which best fit the job description, and use this in your text of your cover letter to show that you are capable to fill the vacancy.

Always start to write when and how the vacancy was brought to your attention. Subsequently make clear that you are interested in the job. Continue with mentioning the reason. End with stating that you have attached your resume and that you are looking forward to a reply.

Good resume cover letter example

Dear Mr Johnson,

Last Saturday I read your most interesting vacancy of management assistant in the Daily Telegraph.

I am very enthusiastic about this vacancy as the job description exactly fits my personality. Especially the required communication skills including courtesy and tact as well as the ability to work in and adapt to a multicultural team appeal to me.

As a secretary at Duibey international, I gained a lot of experience with 7 different cultures within one company. I had quite a representative position, being responsible for the international contacts with our clients abroad. These clients were CEO’s of industrial leading companies, as well as deputies of local workshops. I have learned to speak the right language for every single person. For more information on my work experience and skills I refer to the attached resume.

Would you like to know more about my personality, you are welcome to invite me for an interview.

cover-letter-sampleThank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I trust you will find the ideal candidate, as nothing is more important for a successful business to have the right person at the right position. Probably I am this person, but that I will leave to your professional assessment.

Kind regards,


Enclosure: Resume

As you can see from this sample cover letter, you can become more attractive to your addressee when you show enthusiasm. Of course the more you fit the job description, the more your chances increase.

In case you haven’t made or updated your resume yet, visit my resume page for tips, a sample and template.

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