Resume templates

What resume templates can do for you

resume templatesWhen you want to apply for a job, it is important that you make yourself visible in a professional way. As long as you don’t have an invitation for an interview (yet), it’s time to make a resume which is neatly arranged. With the resume templates below, you will see that it is not difficult.

Apart from the content, you can impress with your resume by showing a well organized and good-looking lay-out. Employers may receive hundreds of applications. You will pass the first selection with a good-looking resume.

How to use the resume templates

You need Microsoft Word in order to be able to use these templates.

Complete the form by entering your personal information. Start with removing the text [name]  on the top of the resume, and replace this by your own name. In some countries, it is not common to start with a header with ‘Resume’. In these cases, remove the whole headline.

Depending on the country you live, you might want to remove certain items, such as place and date of birth, sex or marital status, as this is not common in every country. You can easily remove a complete row by selecting it, right-clicking, choosing remove cells, complete row.

The resume templates are actually a table in Microsoft Word, so you can easily adapt them by adding or removing rows. You can also change the font type,  font size and font color to your wishes.

Template resume no. 1Template resume no. 2Template resume no. 3Template resume no. 4

Depending on your browser settings, you might have problems with opening the template files. If so, please let me know and I’ll send you the files.

A little explanation to the resume templates:

  • No. 1 has a very minimal lay-out and is the most simple version.
  • No. 2 has a more explicit font and shows more lines.
  • No. 3 looks a bit like no. 2, but the blue color and font type makes it a bit more soft.
  • No. 4 looks a bit like no. 2, but is more fresh because of the color red

Now you have the resume templates; what about the content?

Keep the content as short as possible, but don’t use abbreviations. Take care that you use perfect spelling, especially when you are a secretary. For an example of a resume and tips on how to write a successful one, see also my page how to write a resume which sells. On this page, you’ll find another version of my resume templates.

What else is important?

You need to accompany your resume with a resume cover letter. My page your winning resume cover letter is easy to write will give you tips on how to write a good one. There is also an example which shows how to score.

Another important thing is to make a good profile on As potential employers receive your letter with resume, and consider to invite you for an interview, they will probably Google your name on the Internet. Next to this, employers use the websites like LinkedIn to look for candidates. So, don’t forget to mention that you are looking for a new job. You can do this in the heading right under your name. Don’t just mention ‘open for new challenge’, but start with your profession. Example: Experienced secretary available for new position. A lot of LinkedIn-users only mention that they are available, but don’t state their profession, so possible employers can’t see what you are looking for, so the chance to be contacted is very low.
You can use the information on your resume for your LinkedInprofile, but realize that this is public, so don’t share too personal information or your id details.

Speaking about the Internet and potential employers: take care that the information about you on the Internet is decent. If not, this might affect the chances of being invited for a job interview.

I hope that the resume templates make life a bit easier for you to present yourself in a more professional way. This will increase your chance of getting the job you are aiming for.

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