How to Surprise your Assistant on Secretary Day

secretary daySecretary day 2016, Wednesday 27 April in the United States and Canada, and Thursday 21 April in Europe, is THE day to show your appreciation towards your secretary, personal or management assistant. One of the problems you might have is an everlasting lack of time to arrange these kinds of attention. Usually, it is your assistant who always takes care of these things.

Now it’s up to you to show on secretary day that you can come up with a nice present! Don’t panic, as you will find here some fine suggestions which take a minimum of time, and a budget of zero till how much you like. Think of flowers, a poem, or another gift. As an alternative, you can surprise your assistant with a beauty day, or just a nice e-card. Read more below what to do on secretary day!

Secretary day flowers

One of the things which will always surprise a woman…: flowers. You can order them behind your desk, or at home, via the Internet. Some suggestions:
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Another very personal gift you can give to your assistant with administrative professionals’ day or secretary day is perfume. A nice surprise, which you can buy low budget, or as expensive as you wish. It is a very personal way to show your appreciation. for worldwide online dispatch


Very personal and very low budget as well: A nice poem for your secretary. I made a little sample for those who need inspiration:

What would be my day be without my beloved assistant
I would feel helpless, like I’d miss my right hand
Because you are the one who gets system in my planning
You are always kind and understanding,
Even though I am upset or need some esteem
You are the other half of a perfect team
Thank you for all your dedication
I really appreciate this business relation


A nice e-card is another low-budget suggestion, which will always be successful.You can add any text you wish, so that you create a very personal message.
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More suggestions to surprise your assistant

You can accompany an e-card or a poem with another nice present, for which you find below suggestion:
Chocolate and more delights

Above surprises are only suggestions on how to show your assistant that you haven’t forgotten administrative professionals’ week or secretary day. Of course you are the one who knows your assistant the best, so you might find another, more appropriate way to show your appreciation. And don’t forget, you don’t have to wait for an official moment to surprise your secretary, you can do this any moment you like!

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