Setting goals and realize!

Setting goals is not as easy as it seems. It’s even harder to realize these, is what I experience from others. How can you improve your life when you encounter this problem?setting goals

Why is setting goals and realize these so difficult?

Dreaming is not difficult for most of us. In your dreams you can perform all the tasks you want, lose weight, take up that study or be a perfect colleague, parent or partner. But how do you realize your dreams? I know a lot of people who haven’t fulfilled their dreams yet, even after many years. They mention reasons or excuses, such as busy at work, busy with the family, no budget, health, and so on. Some of these excuses might be valid, but is this really why you haven’t realized your goals?
Or are you not willing to sacrifice something else, or do you fool yourself by postponing the BIG START?

When you recognize yourself in the above situation, you might benefit from the following tips.

How to set goals?

The first important step is to consider whether you dreams are realistic, or in other words achievable for you. If that is the case,  write each dream which you can turn into reality on a goals list.

So far, it is not difficult to do this, anyone can do this. Now the difficult part starts…..

How to realize your goals?

Setting your goals was the first step, the next step is to make a plan to execute your goals. Probable you have quite a list and that, immediately, is the biggest problem. You cannot achieve all your goals at once. You need to prioritize these first. When you make your goal list in a spreadsheet, you can easily prioritize your actions. Fill in the start date and deadline of each goal. Now you can sort this list with the earliest start date or earliest deadline first.

Now, it is time to go through your list and see whether this list is realistic. Do you want to change some dates? Take care that you only execute one goal at the time. When you are ready, you have a realistic list with clear goals and clear deadlines. Be sure that you check your list with someone you know well, in order to ensure that this list is realistic, also from another’s point of view.

Now it’s time to take the next step, probably the most difficult step: START to execute your first goal and eliminate all excuses! Keep going for the coming period and stay focused on your goal.

That will not always be easy, as your plans can easily be disturbed by other time consuming issues. When this happens to you, take a moment each time another issue comes up and decide whether this is more urgent and important than executing your goal. If so, than you might have to do this first, but immediately afterwards take up your original goal.

Celebrate your achieved success

Don’t forget to celebrate your achieved goal. It’s good to take a moment to realize that you really did it: achieving your goal, before you start executing your next goal.

Step by step you will fulfill your dreams this way by not only setting goals, but execute your plans as well. I wish you success and happiness!

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