The best solutions for stain removal from clothes and other spots

stain removal from clothesStain removal from clothes is another subject for which secretaries are used as a walking encyclopedia. Or ‘how to remove grease stains’, a common question I experienced quite regularly from the marine surveyors I once worked for.

A secretary needs to have bags full of answers to small and major problems, even for quite practical things, like removing smudge.

That’s why this page is dedicated to this subject, where you can find useful information on how to eliminate stains from garment, like from red wine (after a business dinner) or ink (especially from your colleagues who prefer the ball-pen above the word processor), and indeed, answers on how to remove grease and rust stains (typical questions from your fieldwork colleagues, or the ones who like to eat hamburgers at lunch).

Stain removal from clothes

The discovery of stains happens always at a very inconvenient moment: just before the reception of important guests, or when you are already late to depart for an appointment. The quickest solution is to replace your dirty garment. So, tip no. 1: always have an extra set of clothes at hand (at the office or in your car, for example).

Another annoying thing is getting a ladder in your tights. Although this has nothing to do with stains, this is a good moment to advise you to have a spare pair in your bag.

The actual spot needs sometimes immediate first aid: in case of coffee, tea or grease spots, you can rinse the spot with (warm) water. Red wine stains need to be absorbed immediately with salt, after which they need a proper treatment. Ball-pen ink needs to be treated carefully with methylated spirit.
It’s always better to avoid spots, and in case you have no spare set of garment available, you can always try to hide the spot in case of ’emergency’ Of course, this depends on the location of the spot, but why not try to use a jacket or a scarf?
For an elaborate guide and tips about stain removal from clothes, carpet or other spots, please find below links.

Stain removal from clothes, what a relief

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