How to book super cheap airplane tickets

Booking super cheap airplane tickets might save a lot of money. But how do you book these and where, and how can you do this is an efficient way, without loosing the financial advantage?

Airline travel preparation: step 1

Before you book a ticket, you need to have the following information:


  • super cheap airplane ticketsThe number of people traveling. Do you need to book a flight for one person, or is this person traveling with one or more persons?
  • The arrival date and time. How flexible is the departure date? At what time does the first meeting start?
  • The departure date and time. When will the last meeting at your destination location take place? When is the first appointment after arrival at home again?
  • In case you need to visit more destinations, determine the order of places to visit. This might depend on the meetings and the availability of the persons you want to meet. Again, here you need to find out if there is any flexibility in arrival and departure times, as the more flexibility you have, the higher is the chance in finding cheap airline tickets.

The above information can be entered in your itinerary template and forms the basis of the domestic or international flight booking process.

Airline travel preparation: step 2

  • Before you can book a flight, you need some more information about the passengers:
  • The exact name, as stated in the passport. One spelling mistake in an on-line booking might have severe consequences, especially in the name, so you should always enter the traveler’s name as it is stated in the passport. When you book flights more often for the same person, it is handy to make a scan of the passport, and save it to your laptop, smart phone or web-mail address, in other to have 24/7 accessibility.
  • The preference of seats in an airplane: business class or economy class as well as the location of the seats: window or aisle.
  • Check whether the traveler has special dietary requirements.
  • When booking on-line you need often credit card data. It might be useful to have the traveler’s credit card data available.

Other tips to buy super cheap airplane tickets:

  • dirt-cheap-airline-ticketsBook your flight as early as possible: this not only gives you the most flight and seating options, it is in most occasions cheaper as well.
  • When you want to book super cheap airplane tickets, you should plan a Saturday night in the trip, as this might safe a lot of money.
  • The more flexibility you have in departure or arrival dates/times, the better the chance on really cheap airline tickets.
  • Depending on the type of ticket, there is a possibility to change the flight, if necessary. This is an important thing to consider, as it often happens that the traveler needs more time at his destination.
  • When your traveler is in the possession of a seaman’s book, he can get a very cheap airline ticket to the seaport where he needs to depart or arrive.

Travel search engines

In order to find super cheap airplane tickets, you need to compare these. Here are a few:

Map Happy

When comparing prizes, realize that not all suppliers include flight taxes and fees in their fare prizes. It is also wise to check the conditions belonging to the ticket.

Business travel specialists

cheap_international_airline_ticketsAnother efficient way of booking your trip is to consult business travel specialists.

As these specialists in air travel have excellent knowledge of the market, they can provide you with super cheap airplane tickets as well. Next to this they offer a reliable service, and they can be contacted 24 hours a day in case of problems. Another advantage is the possibility of taking an option on a ticket. You have a few days to decide whether you confirm the option, or to change this for another flight, without any costs. Find here some companies who organize business travel in a reliable an efficient way:

Willettravel for corporate travel management
Atlas travel business travel management
Corporate Travelagency your business trip adviser for  airplane tickets

More about organizing travel

When organizing (business) travel, there is much more to do than to book super cheap airplane tickets. The trip adviser assists you in organizing all other aspects of organizing (business) travel.

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