The success principle for your business is explained here

What is the success principle of your business?

Discover the success principle of your business here. Using the theories of the feng shui scientists, you can improve the success of your business. Although a feng shui specialist needs many years of severe study and practice to be able to put into practice these complete set of complicated Chinese theories, there are some simple actions YOU can take to change your life in the near future.

Below are some practical guidelines with which you can improve your financial situation, your success, team-spirit between colleagues, and even your personal well-being.

If this subject awakens your interest, and you would like to gain more in-depth knowledge about feng shui, then don’t forget to read the last paragraph of this page.

Location of your business

the success principleThe location of your business premises can be a rather important factor.

A perfect location for a building is halfway a hill, with the front door having (a panoramic) view, and sunlight.

Another important factor is the location and direction of the street. When the building is situated along a street, or in an inside bend of the street, this is perfect. Avoid buildings which are at the end of a dead end street, or in the outside bend of a street.

The form of other buildings which are situated close to your building can influence your success. A building or any other object with sharp corners which point in the direction of your building can cause an enormous harm, and is definitely not feng shui architecture.

Location of your office

The success principle of a successful business is the location of your office inside the building. 

Avoid an office which is located at the end of a long corridor.

The entrance or reception needs to be spacious.

The place of the toilet or rest room is very important: it should not be located next to the office, or above your work place.

Lay-out of your office

A good feng shui office design has the shape of a rectangle. If this is not the case, you could use a mirror to compensate the ‘missing’ part.

Another free tip for feng shui decorating: avoid sharp edges in your office, caused by your desk, cabinet, ceiling joists or other objects, and certainly edges which point in your direction. These edges can be eliminated by putting a plant at or in front of these objects. Another option is to move your workplace.

Never sit with your back towards the entrance. For most people this works automatically: it doesn’t feel comfortable when you cannot see people entering the room. It’s also not very good to sit straight across the door.

Another position tip: avoid sitting with your back towards a window. The best position is with your back towards a blind wall, which gives you, metaphorically speaking, support in your back, which is important for your success. You could reinforce this support by hanging an picture of a mountain at this wall.

Evergreen plants are positive factors in your office, and will support the growth of your business.

The lay-out, and the use of colors and symbols play an important role. Find more details on this subject on the page Feng shui home decorating for a more successful life and health.

Lay-out of your desk

logopop-deskThe location of your desk will be rather clear now. With the following tips concerning the size and lay-out of your desk, you will contribute even more to a balanced life and success.

The success principle of a feng shui desk is the size: 152.4 cm wide, 86.4 cm deep and 83.8 cm high for a manager or managing director, and 172.7 x 66 x 83.8 cm for a secretary. The secretary’s desk should be preferably rectangular, and not L-shaped. If the hight is too high, place a small podium.

Take a 109 cm high-backed chair with armrests.

If you use a computer at your desk, take care that near the computers colors like blue and grey are used, this to compensate the enormous amount of so-called yang-energy caused by your computer. Plants can also take care of the right balance.

Compass influence

Next to the above suggestions which are general tips, there are other, very important and factors, determined by the compass and the 5 elements theory.

Applying the success principle by using these elements of feng shui, you will be able to be more successful in your work and personal life, as well as in improving a good health. However, this impossible te explain on these pages. I can tell you: the success principle is feng shui, and if you start to read, you will be hungry for more…. Find more information on the page The success principle by using other instruments.

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