Time management tips

How is your time management?

time mangement tipsDo you race against the clock to get your things done very often? Do you have difficultly prioritizing what to do first?
The result is that you become very inefficient, and you give up hope to do any of the plans you had for the day.

Time for  time management

With the following time management tips, you will get more pleasure at work as well as in your private life. You will get a better feeling, as the customers, colleagues, family or friends who are depending on you are happy with your efficient actions. In the end, you will get more time for yourself to, as you don’t have to spend the day putting out fires.

Time management tips

When you realize that a situation of having too many tasks and other things need to be done is unwanted, and you want to make a real change: read the following tips and take action now!

  1. Take the first opportunity to sit down and make a list of all tasks to be done. This can be tasks for your work, as well as private things. You can make use of this handy template action list in Excel.template to do list
  2. Now it’s important to prioritize your tasks. This overview will help you prioritizing your tasks: time managementSo, now you have categorized all your tasks.
  3. The next step is to execute your tasks.
    1. Start with the tasks which are urgent as well as important. These are the real ‘crises’, so without doing these now, something goes completely wrong.
    2. The next step is in time management is to plan when you do the tasks which are not urgent but important.
    3. The 3rd step is to handle the tasks which are urgent but not important. Question yourself whether you need to do these tasks yourself, or you can delegate these to someone else. If not, handle these tasks as soon as you have finished priorities no. 1 and 2.
    4. Finally, there are the tasks which are not urgent and not important. These might be tasks which have waited too long and are not relevant anymore. Consider to skip these tasks.
  4. You’re not ready yet. The only way this works is to commit to the planning you have made.

It may take a while before you are used to your new way of working. It’s normal when it doesn’t work immediately; it has to become a part of your natural way of working. But if you are able to commit yourself to get used to this new way of working, you will see that your list of urgent and important things decreases, that you will get less or no reminders (which take extra time) and that you will get a better overview of things to be done.

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