Do you need a travel voltage converter?

A travel voltage converter is one of the important things which should be part of any travel baggage, when you are planning to travel abroad. What would you do when your (smart) phone battery is empty, and you need to make a phone call? Or when you want to check your e-mail at your laptop or tablet, and the battery is low…., and your plug doesn’t fit in the socket?

travel voltage converter

No panic, as long as you prepare well for your trip.

Check here whether you need a travel voltage converter

Not all countries use the same voltage, and depending on the country you visit, you might need an international plug adapter. In order to be prepared for your travel, check the voltage in different countries here. At this website, you can find out why you need to convert, where you can find the power label, and what type plug or travel voltage converter you need in which country. At the overview page, you can see which type plug is used in which country.

Buy a travel voltage converter or international power plug

When you have discovered what you need, you can buy an international power plug or voltage converter on-line.

More about organizing travel

Checking whether you need a travel voltage converter, is only one part of organizing a (business) trip. I have made the trip adviser for you, which is an essential and efficient tool for organizing all other parts of a (business) trip, starting with a travel itinerary (including example and templates), road trip planning, flight or train tickets, booking a hotel or rental car, organizing your travel visa, vaccinations, currencies, luggage allowance, and much more. With this information and tools, you can prepare well for your travel, so that you don’t need to worry. Time to enjoy now!

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