Why a world clock?

When traveling abroad, as well as planning a trip, a world clock is one thing you certainly need! When you have some experience with planning (business) trips, you will realize the importance of time management. This is not only important when planning domestic travel, but certainly when planning international trips.

Time zone map

world-clockA time zone map will give you a global idea of the world time zones in all parts on the planet. This is practical when you are planning an international trip, with more than one destination. Together with information like flight duration and departure and arrival time you can plan an extra night in a hotel, when necessary.

By the way, it’s always wise to build in some extra (rest)time between time of arrival and the first appointment. This will give the traveler the chance to refresh and getting acclimated.

World clock

Use this world clock when you need to know the exact time in a specific place on earth. This is not only practical when planning a trip, but it is also very convenient when you need to make an international phone call, and you don’t want to disturb the person you call in his sleep!

More about organizing travel

Checking the international time, by using the above world clock, for instance, is only one tiny part of organizing a (business) trip. The trip adviser gives you an overview of all other important aspects of organizing travel. Think of making an itinerary, so that you and/or your boss get an overview of which locations and persons to travel to, including all travel details. Or booking a train ticket, flight ticket or rental car to ensure that your boss will arrive in time at his/her destination. Choosing a hotel is another thing which is important. Via the the trip adviser you will be able to book a hotel which fits the traveler as well as the budget. There are a lot more things, so take a look yourself.

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